Veteran comedian Vic Dunlop dies

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It’s rare these days to find a stand-up who is both clean comic and funny. The two seem mutually exclusive in the contemporary comedy scene. Vic Dunlop, for the most part, was one of the few exceptions (one of the clips below is not ultra clean). Known for his prop buggy eyeballs and kind heart Dunlop was a true legend who never stopped loving what he did. A Vietnam War veteran, Dunlop struggled with his health after being diagnosed with diabetes and losing a foot to complications from the disease; like most every other comic, his past pain led him to a world full of laughter.

At 62 years old, Dunlop passed away due to complications from diabetes just a few days ago. His career was long and full, and he’s a true testament to what a comedian can make of themselves when they stick to the material they believe in.

Let’s check out a few clips of Dunlop in action, captured by our friends at Rooftop Comedy:

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  • Anonymous

    The cleanliness was a new edition, for sure. Over the last few years, that was his goal – to change his set. But yes – the clips we’ve found were disgusting. And he did it all well.

  • Ralphstanley11

    Can you be considered “clean” when you say fuck 10 times in a 2 minute clip?

  • Ralphstanley11

    Can you be considered “clean” when you say fuck 10 times in a 2 minute clip?

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