Watch Louis C.K. give a valuable lesson on saving a dog’s life

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Last night, Louis C.K. stopped by Conan for a (thankfully) lengthy desk-side chat. The two funny gingers covered a lot of ground– how awesome C.K.’s show Louie is, why Louis is shocked there isn’t more murder in the world (especially at Disneyland); and perhaps most noteworthy, C.K. relayed a story about how he once saved his dog’s life by force-feeding the animal Hydrogen peroxide. Why, you ask? Because the 70-pound beast had ingested a large amount of dark chocolate. And as we all know, chocolate kills dogs immediately! (Not exactly). So, Louis had to make the thing throw it up as soon as possible. You can check out most of the interview below; the doggy tale (oh shit!) starts at the 3:15 mark.

After laughing heartily at this story, I was curious to know if the course of action Louie embarked on to save his pet’s life really was the norm. So I asked a veterinarian — my brother, Derek Gadino, DVM — what he would’ve suggested to someone in Louie’s situation– without telling him the reason I was asking. Derek said, that while the dog may not have been in danger of imminent death, making the pup puke is 100 percent the way to go. And if you couldn’t take the dog to a vet, who have slightly more sophisticated ways to induce vomiting, Hydrogen peroxide is highly effective.

I think we all learned something today. You’re welcome.

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  • Jason Wilhite

    I’ve had to do this to my dog after accidentally spilling some pills that he quickly gobbled up.  Holding the dog’s mouth open and shooting a turkey baster of peroxide down his throat is most effective.

    • Dylan Gadino

      ahhh… good to know!

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