Video: Comedian Godfrey will pee on joke thieves

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Ah, yes… joke thievery. It’s a topic that will never die in the world of stand-up comedy. And why should it, really– especially when you get a comic like Godfrey who speaks to the concept so effectively. In the below video, which will appear on his DVD, Black By Accident (out Aug. 30), Godfrey explains the pains he’s taken to steer clear of other comics’ materials. The dude won’t even touch the topic of ice cream because Eddie Murphy did it so well on Delirious in 1983; and the same goes for dentist-themed jokes, since Bill Cosby crushed the topic during the taping of his now-classic Bill Cosby: Himself, also released in 1983.

Godfrey, who’s one-hour special version of Black By Accident premieres on Comedy Central tomorrow night at 11 pm EDT, even goes as far to say he’ll pee on a joke thief. Sadly, I’m pretty sure he’s joking about that. Anyway, check out the man’s thoughts on the topic — also, his opinions on political correctness in comedy — and be sure to tune in to his special tomorrow night.
DVD Exclusive – Godfrey – Political Correctness and Originality

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