Video: Was Katt Williams’ rant at a heckler patriotic or just racist?

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We all know Katt Williams isn’t the most brilliantly-adjusted citizen. He’s a comic who gets himself in trouble — legal and otherwise — every few months or so. Most recently, Katt made a scene during a stand-up show in Phoenix on Saturday. From the video below, it’s unclear how the situation started. However, the video’s description on YouTube explains it like this: “Katt Williams starts raggin’ on Mexicans and then once someone tried to defend their race Katt went in on him and security had to come out to keep the heckler quiet while Katt leaned in on him more.” What is clear from the clip is that Williams had a lot to say about the audience member’s apparent ethnicity.

“…do you remember when white people used to say go back to Africa?” Katt says toward the end of the rant. “And we’d have to tell them we dont want to? So if you love Mexico, bitch, get the f*ck over there! [sings “Star Spangled Banner”] We were slaves, bitch. You just all work like that at the landscapers. It’s not even racial — you’re a bitch! I don’t give a fuck what race that is, that’s a pussy.” You can watch the whole speech below.

Katt sure seems proud of his country. Or something. Though, honestly, I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about half the time. So, I’ll turn it over to you guys for an opinion. Was there racism behind Katt’s words or was he just being really pro-American? Or is Katt just crazy?

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  • Aj3280

    What is everyone so upset about? If you have seen Katt Williams do anything, thats how he is. Hes loud aggressive and passionate in his shows. That guy said F America so Katt dealt with a heckler like Katt deals with hecklers. Point blank. He embarrassed the man…..mercilessly. All the while keeping the show going for the rest of the audience. If you are just seeing this without ever knowing anything about Katt then it looks harsh but it wasn’t racist. That guy started heckling and was shut down. He kept going so Katt turned up the heat. Journalist are taking it to a different level just to further their careers. Its sas reallt. Stop being so sensitive. A lesson was learned…..Dont heckle Katt Williams.

  • Probverbswoman

    he was not being racist and anyone with good sense can see that people just jumpn on  the first anything to make it a problem just like the man who took offense to his joke in the first place and seriously trying to give Mr,Williams a History lesson everyone is aware of you can tell by different city names it has some latin origin here anyhow the fan took it too far and was offended  but I bet if it was a black joke or something like that it would have been fine I agree with Katt if you love mexico so much ..return .nt rag on the next person for not giving a damn about what use to be not what is ..mexico is mexico and usa is usa period

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  • Merrick Green

    Lesson learned..Don’t heckle a comedian. They don’t come to your job and tell you how to do it so don’t go to theirs.

  • Merrick Green

    Lesson learned..Don’t heckle a comedian. They don’t come to your job and tell you how to do it so don’t go to theirs.

  • Nick Whitmer

    He’s dealing with a heckler. He did what he’s supposed to do, make the heckler look like a moron. What’s the big deal? 

  • Imadilligent1

    Not racist… comedians have been telling race jokes for years… why should this be any different? Although the delivery was not the best, I actually applaud the comments that this is America and if you live here, your allegiance should be to America FIRST!  We have so many people from other countries who live in America who HATE Americans, our country AND what we stand for… Like Kat I wonder WHY ARE YOU HERE???

  • Richard Blaine

    Don’t be silly. Black people CAN’T be racist! It’s impossible!!! Rev’s Joe Lowery and Hosea Williams told me so!!!

    • LadyEngineer

      … there are racists in ALL races… doesn’t mean that all members of a race are.

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  • Verbalwarfare1

    that’s not racist. hecklers suck. And kat didn’t go at the guy because he is not going to reach into his pocket when the asshole sues him.

  • Marcos Figueroa

    I’ll have to admit — I am Mexican so I might be a little biased. However, that entire bit — the swearing, the rage, the passion, the FURY — had me sweating more than a black man at a job fair.

    • Moving2Mars

      We could easily reverse that and say something about and illegal immigrant but why. Mexicans don’t have legal jobs and the ones who are legal are considered “lazy”. You are mans equivalent here. Lol

  • Patrick Passafiume

    He calls him a pussy and then runs to the other side of the stage and let’s his bodyguards handle the guy.  That’s a pussy

  • Tyler Meznarich

    It wasn’t offensive at all. He was just trying to keep the show going while somebody was heckling.  The only reason a controversy exists is because Katt Williams is a little famous and he did some tabloid worthy shit within the last month. If this was any other comedian, the only life this video would have would be on youtube under the title “… destroys a heckler.”

  • Mhenna11

    It was cruel. This is not comedy to me. 

  • Mhenna11

    It was cruel. This is not comedy to me. 

  • Adam Komar

    Out of line? Nah. Over the top? Yeah, but that’s Katt Williams.

  • phantombread

    Katt is definitely crazy, and it wasn’t the most eloquent of arguments, but you can’t act like it doesn’t have its merits…

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