Comedy podcast you should be listening to: “Talkin’ Shit” with Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft

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Jim Jefferies and Eddie Ifft tour the world performing stand-up comedy for hundreds of people at a time. Jefferies has had an HBO special and Ifft has had one for Comedy Central. Despite such accolades, you might not know they also have a popular podcast, Talkin’ Shit.

“It’s the same reason I don’t win any comedy awards,” Jefferies tells me at a recent taping of the podcast in Los Angeles. He further comments that “There are these panels that are pressured because of their job to pick what’s most palatable so they don’t get their opinion ignored. We aren’t palatable.” In recent memory, there have been several lists of comedy podcasts that people should listen to. WTF with Marc Maron, The Pod F. Tompkast, Comedy Bang Bang (formerly Comedy Death Ray) and more are just a few of the shows routinely making these lists, but Talkin’ Shit is never featured or written about, save for the very words that you’re reading now. While they have a considerable following — over 70,000 listeners — the show isn’t mentioned in the same sentence as hipper podcasts due, perhaps, to their somewhat old-school talk radio format.

Featuring the two comics in a free-form discussion with their guests, which have ranged anywhere from comedians (big time and upcoming), male and female, to porn stars along with their wayward sidekick Jason Auer has made for an engaging, humorous and wholly entertaining show. The dynamic between Jefferies and Ifft, who live together, and have also done radio together, jabbing and ribbing Auer brings about some of the most memorable moments of Talkin’ Shit. Auer will get genuinely angry for any number of reasons; but then the situation is skillfully diffused with humor. The show is reminiscent of The Howard Stern Show, while it was in its prime, but without any limits in regards to language and, more importantly time. “I direct the show and Jim goes for the funny,” says Ifft.

And while Jefferies doesn’t get to his sharp social commentary like he does during his stand-up shows, he does deliver plenty of killer lines showcasing his razor sharp wit including (from the episode that I sat in on):

Jim: Baghdad’s never been a holiday destination. I think the bombing has made it nicer.

Comedian Daryl Wright (guest): I want to be nigga with a kilt. Wow, that’s the first time that sentence has ever been said.

Jim: Well, there’s been something close. ‘That nigga’s been killed.’

An entire team that engineers the sound, researches information and clips while recording, records video, as well as get beer makes for a great atmosphere and a smooth-running operation for the show. With so many helping hands, the podcast can freely go wherever it pleases by watching YouTube clips of Coon Cheese ads from Jefferies’ native Australia to having guest Wright question me about Laughspin as I take notes on the show. In short, Talkin’ Shit avoids, as best it can, any and all dull moments no matter if they browbeat their guests or insult Jason or even bring the people producing the podcast into the show.

They chart constantly on iTunes, supported by listener donations and sponsors, only being beaten out in the U.S. by WTF, Adam Carolla, and The Nerdist and almost no one in the UK. Whatever your comedic taste and your podcast of choice is, the existence of Talkin’ Shit and the ever increasing listener base is a sign that podcasts as a format for comedy is getting bigger and being consumed by all sorts of comedy lovers– nerds and casual, alike. And that can hardly be considered talkin’ shit.

pictured above (l-r): Eddie Ifft, comedian John Heffron, Jim Jefferies and Jason Auer at a taping of Talkin’ Shit

To check out all of the Talkin’ Shit episodes and snag yourself some sweet merchandise and more, you’ll want to visit

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  • Mannygrana2

    This pod cast is great its supper funny I really look forward to every tue. And thurs. For theire new episodes and if u live in the sunny so cal area pay a visit to the venice boardwalk to catch a glimpse and take a pic with the fatty himself. Jason auer. Anywayz. This is a really funny pod cast give em a chance you’ll love it


    So if u do don’t listen to them cuz ull give bad reviews lol


  • Vince

    Highly recommend this podcast to anyone who really enjoys comedy in it’s purest no holds barred form.  Nothing is off limits in this room which I truly appreciate in such a politically correct world. 

  • yomama

    Big fan of Jim Jefferies..wonder why he still hasn’t blown up in the US yet, but anywho this podcast shows off the cuff brilliance of his comedy, Eddie Iffts alright too but their overweight unemployed buddy is the real star…haha what a waste

  • Anonymous

    If you aren’t a “Talking Shithead” then you ain’t, well, shit. Seriously check these guys out. I stumbled across this show on Stitcher and I went to iTunes and downloaded every episode I had missed. New eps come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Do it!

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