Petition to name New York street after George Carlin circulated online

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In less than six hours online, a petition encouraging the city of New York to rename part of West 121st Street in honor of late comedian George Carlin has garnered nearly 1,000 signatures. “We the legions of fans, admirers and fans of George Carlin believe that a street should be named in honor of the greatest comedian of all time in his hometown, the greatest comedy city of all time!” writes the petition creator, New Yorker Kevin Bartini. The online initiative has already gained the support of Carlin’s daughter, Kelly, a writer, story teller and producer. “Help us get my dad’s old block (500 W. 121st) in NY changed to George Carlin St. w/ this petition,” she tweeted early this morning.

Bartini, a comic himself, began collecting signatures in early August; but he did so by organizing a team of folks to approach people in person on the streets of the city. His goal was to collect 500 signatures to present to the City Council and to the District 9 community board. But now, you need not to be milling about in Manhattan to help out the cause. Regardless of where you live, you can sign the petition below.

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  • Tj Bea

    Is this up in “White” Harlem, as he described it? That always made people take a step or two back, as he said!

  • julie lawless

    i couldn’t make it work either…

    • Dylan Gadino

      hey, julie… it should work now since i removed the video… let us know if it doesn’t.

  • Kelly Carlin

    Thanks for putting this up on LaughSpin! You are the best.
    Kelly C.

    • Dylan Gadino

      our pleasure!

    • Dylan Gadino

      our pleasure!

  • Dylan Gadino

    ah, just tried it on a PC. there’s the problem. i’ll remove the video, because apparently PC’s can’t handle a widget and a video on the same page.

  • Dylan Gadino

    hey, guys…. we’re not having any problems over here. the petition widget opens up and covers most of the video, making it perfectly accessible to sign. i just tested it on two different browsers.

  • Adam Komar

    The embedded video hovers over the petition when I click Sign Petition so I can’t see what info is needed in all the fields.

  • Banzai162000

    I’d LOVE to sign the petition, if only the goddamn video of Carlin didn’t cover up the last line you have to fill out for your address, making it impossible to type in that field.

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