Video: Conservative comedian makes Down Syndrome joke at Tea Party rally; Sarah Palin seems ok with it

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Comics argue about what makes a joke go “too far.” For some people it’s abortion or religion or Lady Gaga. But for conservative comic Eric Golub, comparing liberals to a child with Down Syndrome is pure gold – and former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin (a mother to a child with Down Syndrome) doesn’t seem to care.

Saturday night, Golub performed at the “Restoring America” rally in Iowa, a gathering connected to the Tea Party, which Palin attended. Her mouth was shut as Golub said that the political Left should love Palin because she has a special needs child (her young son, Trig). And, according to him, “…the Leftist haters are an entire political ideology of special needs children.” He also added that “…unlike Trig, they are not very lovable.” You can watch the video here:

So I would like to ask Golub what qualities “Leftist haters” have in common with those that have Down Syndrome, or other special needs? He says in his bit that Leftists are needy. “Gimme! Gimme! I need, I want, I deserve. I’m entitled.” That sounds like a spoiled toddler, or maybe a reality TV star, but not someone with a developmental disability. Sounds like you need a re-write, Golub.

I have obvious questions for Palin’s camp as well: When Family Guy writers created an episode where Chris falls in love with a girl with Down Syndrome, whose mother was the former Governor of Alaska, she took to the media saying the show was inappropriate. She even called for Rahm Emanuel to apologize after he called some liberals “retarded.” But when it’s this guy, she closes her mouth? She says nothing when someone of her own ideology says that liberals are like her beautiful son? I’d be livid.

Full disclosure here: This hits close to home for me, because I work with a group of adults who face a variety of developmental disabilities, including Down Syndrome. I’m not saying this topic should be ‘off limits’ – because that’s up to every comic to decide. I’m saying that this bit doesn’t make sense and is poorly written. And I’m saying Palin is choosing the wrong time to shut up.

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  • Mike Fox

    he’s been doing this exact set for a year now. if an entire set of political humor remains topical for an entire year, it’s obviously generic

  • Jaggard

    Conservative Comedy is an Oxymoron.

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