Video: In new stand-up special, Kathy Griffin says Marcus Bachmann “sucks c*ck”

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You may remember that Kathy Griffin struck a deal earlier this year that would find the sassy-pants comedian vomiting out cranking out four new stand-up comedy specials — one for each quarter of the year and each an hour long — for Bravo. Well, if you’re keeping track of the months, that means special number three will soon be upon us. This one is called Kathy Griffin: Pants Off and it premieres Sept. 20 at 9 pm ET.

The whole idea behind the four-special deal was to capitalize on Griffin’s apparent strength, which is — some argue — topical humor about current events and celebrities. Below, we have two clips from the upcoming special, which do exploit that part of her repertoire. In the first, she simply reads a statement from Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann’s husband Marcus and adds some commentary about his questionable sexuality, opining that “he sucks cock.” Score one for Kathy.

In the second clip, Griffin addresses the recent wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, describing the reception as “a Persian conversion fucking Armenian nightmare from hell,” adding, “Yeah, I’m saying it because no one has the balls to.” No, Kathy. You’re saying it because no one would think to string those words together in that order because it barely makes any sense and it isn’t funny.

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  • Scrateef

    Why the sour puss, Mr. Gardino? I haven’t seen the whole special, but the clips you provided sounds pretty darn funny. Don’t hate; celebrate!

  • Kylie Voeglie

    You guys, I’m confused: Why a proofreader? I enjoyed this post!

  • Haha

    Anyone who has ever done stand-up knows that it is not possible to come up with a (tv worthy) hour of material in three months. Four hours in a year is absolutely insane, Griffin needs to watch “Jerry Seinfeld: Comedian” to learn about the writing process and how to work out material.

    Also, although I frequent this magazine I gotta agree with Avery. This is terrible journalism and you should fire your proofreader. Normally I’m not a grammar Nazi but this article was so bad it was distracting.

  • mike n

    that picture makes her look like the character gwildor from the movie ‘masters of the universe’ starring dolph lundgren.

  • Anonymous

    Title does not match content. Do what Avery says.

  • Avery Davis

    Fire your proofreader.

  • Avery Davis

    Fire your proofreader.

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