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Much of what inspires and comprises the comedy one sees and hears, especially in this day and age, comes from bitterness, sarcasm and irony. Just listen to five minutes of WTF with Marc Maron. Given that state of comedy, it’s incredibly surprising to find someone proposing to their girlfriend at a comedy show without it being a joke or an elaborate prank.

Two weeks ago, Reed Hallstrom, while at independent LA comedy show Holy Fuck!, popped the question to his girlfriend Jessica Ruiz. Even though Ruiz is one of the producers of the show, she apparently had no idea that she was going to get “the question,” especially in the form of a funny, sincere video projected on a movie screen in front of hundreds of people. Without it being a hoax, this proposal almost seems ironic given the numerous fake proposal fail videos online taking place anywhere that isn’t a comedy show. However, this video of the proposal is 100 percent real and proof that comedy isn’t full of curmudgeons.

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