The Laughspin audio interview with Marc Maron

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Having followed the progress of Marc Maron’s career since 2005 (when Laughspin was Punchline Magazine) — in the form of interviews, album reviews, news stories (I even co-produced his one-man show Scorching the Earth in 2009 and was honored to write the liner notes for his third album, Final Engagement), it was time I sat down to have a proper catch-up chat with the man. So, I met Maron at his manager’s office in New York on Sept. 20 to do just that.

The below is a 36-minute talk we had hours before Maron’s sitcom pilot was screened for the first time for an audience at the New York Television Festival. We talk about how his hugely popular podcast WTF has not only helped bolster his career but also his personal evolution, his possible foray into television, two big names — Jon Stewart and Adam Sandler — he feels he needs to apologize to, and much more. Nothing was edited.

photo by Dmitri von Klein

Marc Maron interview with Laughspin by Laughspin

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Dylan is the founder and editor in chief of Laughspin. He launched Punchline Magazine in 2005 (which became Laughspin in the summer of 2011) with childhood friend Bill Bergmann. Dylan lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and two sons. He hopes the Shire is real.

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