“Community” recap: The Geography of Global Conflict

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We open in history class, where Bill Haverchuck (or that guy from Party Down to those of you in your 20s) is teaching history. (PS, how hot has Bill Haverchuck gotten—amirite???) He’s playing favorites with Annie—Annie Kim that is. Uh-oh: There’s a hotter, smarter, Asianer Annie at Greendale. This can’t be good.

Britta, newly charged about declaring her major, is automatically distracted by a campus initiative to free the Damascus 3. Turns out Britta used to protest with one of the 3. Obviously she’s totes jealz—and regretting her decision to follow the straight and narrow. This also can’t be good.

Chang is as big a pain in the ass as you’d expect as campus security. Where’s Jeff? I miss him.

Oh great, there he is, at the magical Table. Annie brings her new multicultural evil twin to meet her friends. (Anyone think new Annie is freakishly small looking? Like, she makes regular Annie look huge, and I’m pretty sure regular Annie herself is freakishly small.) Hearing the two of them passively aggress against each other is sort of like listening to Kristin Wiig’s Penelope in stereo. (Also, anyone else think Troy’s new haircut makes him less funny?) Everyone is worried for their Annie’s well-being—well, everyone but Jeff: He thinks Asian Annie is a can of Annie Lite who doesn’t hold a candle to…OMG, maybe they really will do it this season!!!!

Weird Britta-Chang thing with Lionel Richie music (watch below) that had me worried they’d make out. (They don’t.) Greendale is Britta’s Damascus. Next.

Jeff’s confidence in his Annie is shaken when Annie-san steals her idea for a model U.N. It’s too late, though, because Bill Haverchuck—nay, Professor Cligoris (either pronunciation is fine)— is totes into model UN. And even though Jeff comes to Annie’s defense (seriously—major hero complex this episode) and says his Annie will just start her own model U.N., Cligoris shoots down the idea. There’s only one thing to do: A head-to-head Model U.N. Battle Royale.

To the battle! Annie enlists her study buddies to form her U.N., with Pierce inheriting the paradise of Somalia (all the guns and women you can afford!), and Troy’s got the country of Georgia, where people talk like Julia Sugarbaker. (Is that James Frey sitting behind Cligoris?) Anyway, ready, set, peace! (Bang.)

Is this really all there is to model U.N.? I don’t mean to explainabrag, but I was the General Chair of my high school’s model Congress, and it was way harder than this, you guys. Anyway, Britta’s in a cage. Yadda yadda yadda.

Floating heads. Earth II. Crisis alert. Somebody farts. Annie melts down and Jeff tells her off: She’s acting like a schoolgirl—and not in the hot way. Uh-oh.
But…potentially big moment, I think: Annie and Jeff hash it out in the study room, both taking responsibility for Annie’s meltdown. Jeff says that when a person has the kind of feelings Annie does for Annie Kim—or the kind he has for her (what kind, Jeff???)—it’s easy to treat people like a child. (Now that I think about it, does that work? Was Annie treating other Annie like a child? Hmm.) Potentially hot moment killed by (supposed) inherent creepiness of a Jeff-Annie coupling. (Why???) Jannie boner killed.

Everyone falls on the fart sword (seriously? You’re better than this, Community writers), and Abed comes up with a plan to beat Earth 2’s model U.N. Without getting into it, it works. But not before Britta, in a onesie made of dolls, crashes the party to protest, well, nothing, actually, and Change tases her. Honestly, I don’t know.

Operation with Pierce!!! (Then Parks and Rec opened with a reference to a battle royale. Is there something happening that I should know about? Why’s everyone battle-royale-ing all over the place?)

I don’t know you guys, I think maybe I judged last week too harshly. I didn’t love that, but I loved it more than this. No dean, no real conflict…. Look, I liked it, it’s just….the Community bar is SO high. It’s almost unfairly high. A meh Community is still better than most of the shows out there. And this one was pretty meh. Though, maybe it’ll turn into one of those that I watch a second time and catch things and realize I actually super adore it, but for now, meh. And eh. What’ you guys think?

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  • Anonymous

    As innovative and funny as the show has been, these first two episodes have been absolute duds. I’m afraid that I somehow missed the shark-jumping episode, but the characters are inconsistently written and seemingly just caricatures to hang gags on with all the character development of an episode of Family Guy. Martin Starr had nothing to do as Cligoris, Asian Annie added nothing, the Lionel Ritchie cue didn’t work either of the three times, and I can’t believe how many ways they’ve misused Ken Jeong. Remember when he was the confident, cocky Spanish professor who couldn’t be killed? The guy once had his stuff together enough to get a hot wife and have a motorcycle – last season, they hinted at a Gollum/Smeagol persona that was quickly abandoned, Shirley’s child wasn’t his (a decision seemingly made on a whim after other episodes made the odds overwhelming), and last episode he lived in the vents.

    On the plus side, we didn’t have to see more of Cougarton Abbey or Inspector Spacetime this week.

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