Video: Mockumentary “The Hacks” exposes the worst comedian traits

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In the past few years, there have been a handful of quality stand-up comedy documentaries released. And I’m all for it. Any piece of art that further promotes what I love most is fine by me. And there’s a brand new one— kind of. It’s called The Hacks. It’s a mockumentary. But it still relays some hard truths about the world of comedy. And it’s good for some quality laughs.

Created and directed by Moreen Littrell, The Hacks follows a group of stand-ups preparing for a big comedy tour. Peppered with awkward moments and memorable lines – “Play with your inner child. Let your creative juices just squirt right out of you onto your fellow comics.” – the highly improvised film stars Renee Gauthier (pictured above), Alisa Gaddis, John C. Crow, Alli Breen, Brandon Moynihan, Meg Swerdlow, Evan O’Brien and Michele Phillippe.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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  • Xl

    help bad comics go viral!

  • Santa Claus

    I thought it was entertaining. Makes me want to check out the Jim Gaffigan version as well.

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  • Moreen Littrell

    Hey Mike n – I wish I could say this is an homage to the other “Hacks” but I never knew of it. I would have named it something else if I had! I even checked IMDB so don’t know how it escaped me. On the other hand, the more mocku the better!

  • mike n

    this is very meta and by that i mean it’s a hacky mockumentary about hacks made by hacky comedians.

    not sure if they knew this, but this idea and title was already done about 10 years ago -

    if you want to see a mockumentary about the worst hack of all-time, then check this out-

  • Jim Talkington

    What sucks is if yu do something different, you may not be a hack, but a jack. Off.

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