Video: Natasha Leggero feels desperation, anxiety and a yearning for the 1920s, or maybe the 1980s

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We all engage in destructive behavior from time to time in order to shield ourselves from reality. Some people drink booze; others smoke pot; and what I do is others hire attractive coeds to punch them in the face until they lose consciousness. The point is, it’s not cool to judge, especially if you’re willing to get help for your vices. In the video below, a segment taken from Comedy Central’s online show The Download, comedian Natasha Leggero (RIP Free Agents!) and host, comedian Jordan Rubin visit an Internet addiction specialist. It seems the pair, Leggero mostly, leans too much on the Internet and her phone to find comfort in her every day life.

As part of her first day of therapy, Natasha is told to turn her phone off. So what does she feel immediately after powering down? “Desperation, anxiety, a sense of loss and a yearning for maybe a different time period… maybe the ‘20s or, maybe the ’80s,” she says. Check out the full hilarious segment below. And don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wrong for staring at your computer screen for eight hours a day.

The Download

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