Watch comedian Rob Delaney tell MTV about him suing Kim Kardashian

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On Monday, we told you about comedian Rob Delaney’s plan to sue Kim Kardashian for filing for divorce after only 72 days of marriage. His reasoning is simple: “…when you wrap your marriage vows around a cubic zirconia encrusted baseball bat and beat us about the head and face with them, you can stay the fuck married for more than 20 minutes.”

The comedian laid out his plans in a column for Vice, to which he regularly contributes. And MTV caught wind of his brilliant plan– or is it a publicity stunt? Stop, wait. I’d say its both. And it’s hilarious. Also, I can’t believe I once, for a very long period of time, actually found Kim Kardashian attractive.

Anyway, here’s what Delaney had to say about his plans to MTV this week. Enjoy.

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  • mike n

    How can anyone find that kuntbag attractive? Ryan Seacrest should be locked behind bars for opening Pandora’s Box by unleashing her pathetic family upon the world. I’ve seen about five minutes of Keeping Up With the Kuntbagians and I swear I lost a lot of brain cells in that short time period. I also felt like my soul had been raped. It wasn’t cool. Suck a dick Ryan Seacrest. No wait, you already do that. Shit.

    Seriously, Kim K is one of the most hideous people in the history of
    humanity. She looks like an evil, soulless cat with a big black cock stuck in her
    twat and who in their right mind would want to fuck that? On a
    superficial level [mixed with a lot of alcohol] I guess I can see why ignorant
    men would find her attractive, but I have a brain and don’t think with
    my dick so I can see that under her obnoxious surface is a dark void
    filled with Satan’s soul.

    I totally disagree with Rob, she doesn’t deserve happiness. She deserves punishment for her garbage that has polluted so many innocent minds.

    I do love the depth involved in this satirical publicity stunt. It really says a lot about our legal system and I hope he wins money by doing this. I also hope he doesn’t back out and goes through with this to the end.

    On a side note I swear her sister Khloe had a penis at one point in her life. Talk about getting hit with an ugly stick.

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