“Community” goes gay– and it feels good!

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We have a lot to discuss, you guys, starting with…gay students at Greendale! Yay! Turns out that Hawthorne Wipes are huge with the gays thanks to a hit dance tune by Urbana Champagne. (Was anyone else disappointed that Abed whispered the explanation of what Hawthorne Wipes have to do with being gay? I was kind of hoping that part would be out loud. So they’re just for like…cleaning up after dude sex? Gay comedy fans, help me out here.) Obviously, everything-phobic Pierce hates the idea of his familial legacy being used to clean up man goo…until he realizes how lucrative it can be. His positrons negatize, and instead of suing Miss Champagne, he decides to celebrate her—and his wipes—with a gay bash! A gay. Bash.

Meanwhile, Troy is busy trying to resist his destiny to be a plumber. It’s tough, though, what with all the clogged toilets and pooped-in sinks in the world. Not making it any easier? The evil Air Conditioning Annex vice dean’s (John Goodman) hooding and kidnapping him for a middle-of-the-night initiation ceremony with black Hitler and an astronaut making paninis. Sure.

Over at bash prep, Pierce is as gay as a hat—until Papa Hawthorne is on the scene. Daddy-o makes Rush Limbaugh seem warm and cuddly, and we’re reminded why Pierce is so Pierce-like (and impressed that he didn’t turn out even worse). In one fell swoop, Pops and his snap-on hair manage to defame every member of the study group for their darkness, lightness and Semiticness. He says Piercenald has to cancel the party, and ever the contrarian (and daddy-issues haver), Jeff doesn’t like it one bit. (I think it’s partly because he doesn’t want to miss an opportunity to wear a tight shirt but also his really, really good heart.) Against Pierce’s wishes, Jeff uncancels the party, and Pierce gives in to his desire to be loved by his fans, even if they’re fans who like to do it in the butt. Pierce is growing as a person!!!

Over in Dan Conner’s lair, Troy is proving himself to be an AC-repair savant. The vice dean is impressed. You see, air conditioner repairmen are an elite bunch: Their predecessors were slaves who fanned the pharaohs with palm fronds (brillz), but now they’re the pharaohs. Troy’s in if he wants to be—but membership has its price. A life on the inside (of a room-temperature room) is a life of secrets. Is he ready to join the Elite Brotherhood of Guys Who Fix Air Conditioners?

We’ll have to wait to find out, because fake heart attack! Uh-oh, followed by real heart attack. Jeff kills Pierce’s dad with a sort of heartbreaking speech that’s meant for his own. (Side note: Does Britta keep saying edible instead of Oedipal? That’s on purpose, right? Because she’s the worst? Except she’s not, because Jeff really does have daddy issues? Maybe those Scantrons really were penis-shaped.) Anyway.

Chang goes home with a lady man. The end.

We’re back to straightforward-narrative-land this week and guess what—it works! Tonight was funny! Quick and snappy and pretty damn good. See Community, you don’t always have to give us parallel-universe D&D bottle episodes (I just combined a bunch of things right there), but that doesn’t mean you have to give us Todd (poor Todd) or Asian Annie (poor us) when you don’t.

So what did you guys think? Or rather, when did you guys think?

Bonus! A behind-the-scenes look at last night’s episode:

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  • Buster Brown

    “Was anyone else disappointed that Abed whispered the explanation of what Hawthorne Wipes have to do with being gay?”

    See, it’s because the wipes are perfect for handling Santorum.  And they didn’t want everyone abandoning the television to Google Santorum.

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