Louis C.K. works out material for his new special at the Comic Strip (Photo)

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I think it was Chris Rock who told me during an interview I did with him for the book on the history of The Comic Strip — and I’m paraphrasing here — that a comedy club to a comic is like a gym to an athlete. You go to a comedy club to work out. That’s where you try out new stuff– if it’s a “safe room!”

Most comics don’t work out new stuff during a weekend show, because that’s where you bring your A-game, but according to all of the big stars I interviewed, the Comic Strip has always been known as a “safe room” to work out stuff during the week. So no one except the audience was surprised to see Louis C.K. drop by on Weds, Nov. 2 to work out some new material for the special he’s filming on Nov. 10th at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. And the audience was thrilled!

Louis has two daughters, 6 and 9. You can tell he’s probably a great, fun Dad, but he says things that other people just think, but would never say out loud. He has no fear– and we love it. He’ll wonder how he’d break the news to his ex-wife if he took his kids camping and they got eaten by bears; how would he deliver the gruesome details? As a Dad myself I don’t know if I could tackle that subject and make it funny, but Louie can.

And he makes a genius observation about the way men and women think about sex– simply put, women are tourists in sexual perversion, while men are prisoners of it. Nice.

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  • gulsi

    isnt the idea of a safe room some place where it wouldn’t be recorded, so he can try it out without his material being judged or leaked ahead of the taping?  and you come here and write the gist of all his jokes.
    isn’t that unfair to the poor comedian? think about it.

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