MTV goes back to its roots with animated comedy “Good Vibes” starring Josh Gad

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MTV has always been an innovator, but now they’re going back to their roots. The network had Mike Judge bring back Beavis and Butt-head the hit animated show from the 90’s and had David Gordon Green create Good Vibes, a show that follows Beavis and Butt-head on Thursdays at 10:30 pm ET.

I saw a screening of Good Vibes at a panel recently held at Comic Con in New York and thought it was hilarious! And I’m not a big fan of animation– even though I have four short animated films myself which appeared in the Cannes Short Film Corner.

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Anyway, Good Vibes follows two high school surfers, Woody, voiced by Adam Brody of The O.C., and Mondo, voiced by Josh Gad from the Broadway hit The Book of Mormon, who live and surf in the fictional community of Playa del Toro, described as “a colorful Southern California beach community.”

Mondo is really small and overweight, and Woody is tall and skinny with a huge blonde afro, and a big “penis” nose (description by Brody), and like any other high school guys… and maybe any guys at all for that matter, are obsessed with sex and pretty girls.

Almost everyone from the show turned up for the panel, which was moderated by Gary Dell’Abate the Executive Producer of the Howard Stern Show. On the production end there was David Gordon Green the creator of the show, and Executive Producers Mike Clements, Brad Abelson and Tom Brady, all of whom appear in the video below.

On the talent side there was Gad and Brody voicing Woody, the fantastic Debi Mazar voicing the role of Mondo’s super-sexy Mom, Babs, Olivia Thirlby (both pictured to the right), who had previously worked with Green in the Judd Apatow movie he directed Pineapple Express, and Alan Tudyk from Joss Whedon’s Emmy award-winning TV series, Firefly, who voices several roles including Lonnie, the stoner/hippy who lives in a van, and Woody’s rich Dad.

You can check out more on the panel and watch video interviews at the Comedy Matters Blog.

And make sure you watch the show! It’s funny and very sexy, even for a cartoon! You can watch a clip of Good Vibes below.


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