Comedian Drew Hastings runs for mayor of Ohio town: “America is going to hell,” he says

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UPDATE — Nov. 8, 11 pm ET: Drew Hastings won the election tonight!

With the 2012 presidential election only a year away – I know, it’s terrifying – there are a lot of stories floating around in the ether about candidates, campaigns, and Herman Cain. As should be the case.

One of the more interesting political stories these days, though, considers who’s throwing his or her hat in the campaign ring – and that story is even more interesting when some unexpected figures join the trail. But the race for mayor in Hillsboro, Ohio, for example, is even more interesting. Currently, the competition features John Levo, a city councilman, and a stand-up comedian from Los Angeles named Drew Hastings.

He’s no carpet bagger, though – Hastings has been involved in the community for the past six years, performing benefit concerts and renovating buildings. “I think America is going to hell in a hand basket, and I can’t do anything about that,” Hastings told the Associated Press. “But I can do something in my small corner of it. This is manageable. This is home.”

If you want to know more about out Hastings’ campaign, you can head on over to If you want to know more about the comedian, check out our interview with him from 2008 and this clip below from his one-hour Comedy Central special, Irked & Miffed.
Drew Hastings – Farming
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