Watch Mel Gibson, Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling backstage, honoring Robert Downey Jr.

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Where are we at on Mel Gibson these days? Is it ok to not hate is very existence anymore? It seems Hollywood – the moral compass of the world – has forgiven him for his past bouts of sexism, anti-semitism and psychological abuse layed upon his former wife. The dude can act, after all. Right?

Last month, Gibson as well as Jamie Foxx and Garry Shandling showed up on a pretty great, presumably mostly-improvised video that was shown at the start of the annual American Cinematheque gala, where the organization bestowed its highest honor on Robert Downey, Jr.

And today, the fine folks at Funny Or Die got their hands on the clip in an effort to allow us, the regular people, unfettered access to the comedy all those Hollywood elitist types got to watch. In it, Gibson, Foxx and Shandling are brainstorming ideas as to how they’ll honor their friend Downey Jr. onstage that night. While they’re planning they’re asking some questions: Why are we here? How do you know Robert? Should Foxx sing a song about racism? Check it out below.

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  • Em2911

    Former girlfriend!!! She never was his wife.

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