Comedian Brody Stevens to Kevin Nealon: ‘I’m on heavy meds’ (Video)

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You may remember comedian Brody Stevens’ apparent meltdown in August. He pretty much kept us abreast of his every move through his Twitter feed @AllThingsBrody. At the time, most people didn’t know what to make of it. Laughspin writer Jake Kroeger put it this way:

While his feed has gone from funny to hilarious to entertaining to fascinating to even worrisome (#meds and #gun have also been common hashtags), it’s been unclear the whole time whether Brody is joking or not. First off, his tweets almost have to be decoded, as they’re not written in complete sentences and have several hashtags ranging from #magnets to #BORAS to #jew to #trust to #hammer. At other times, Brody will lash out out against other comedians that won’t support him and then immediately apologize and then say that he’s a good guy. He has thus drawn comparisons to Charlie Sheen and the [Andy] Kaufman.

We’ve known for months now, that Stevens was not at all putting on an act. The LA-based comic was going through some hard times psychologically and has since been on a seemingly healthier path.

“I’m damaged goods,” he told the crowd at the Laugh Factory in LA recently, during Kevin Nealon’s regular live interview show at the venue. “I’m on heavy meds. I got in trouble for saying I had a gun on Twitter… LAPD came to my house, and I went to the UCLA psych ward for 17 days.”

You can watch some of the interview below.

We wish Brody the best and we’re glad to see him onstage again.

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