Screening of Bill Hicks film ‘Ninja Bachelor Party’ goes down at Comedy Store on Dec. 16

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Bill Hicks would’ve celebrated his 50th birthday 10 days from now, if pancreatic cancer didn’t claim his life nearly 18 years ago. Luckily he left the world of comedy with an archive of albums, live performances and… what’s this? A short film called Ninja Bachelor Party? Indeed!

It reportedly took 10 years to complete the film, but in 1991, completed it was. Co-written, co-directed, co-edited and co-starring Hicks — with his friends Kevin Booth and David Johndrow — the film follows the adventures of Clarence Mumford (Booth), a Robitussin addict who lives with his parents but is on a mission to become a Ninja. In his travels, he faces Dr. Death (Hicks, naturally). The 30-minute film is billed as “a touching story of love, Robitussin addiction and Martial Arts.”

And on Dec. 16 (Hicks’ 50th birthday!) the film will be screened at the world famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Check it out: Booth will be there in person to host a Q&A about the film; there will be Hicks-themed giveaways, birthday cake, special guests and yes, even “Robitussin” drink specials.

Doors open at 11 pm and the show starts 11:30 pm; admission is only $10 (TICKETS HERE) and will benefit our friends at The Cinefamily, a nonprofit cinematheque, who will be holding their Fantastic Elastic 24-Hour Telethon the day after the Hicks event.

So if you consider yourself a Hicks fan or even a fan of real comedy and you’re within a few hundred miles of the Comedy Store, you’re not going to want to miss this. Get there and tell us all about it. You can buy your tickets now. And you can check out the trailer for Ninja Bachelor Party below:

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