‘Community’ takes down ‘Glee’ in hilarious Christmas episode

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This is it, you guys. The last episode—and last recap—before Community’s Hiatus of Indeterminate Length (HOIL). Let’s not be sad—let’s appreciate Community while we’ve got it. Especially since it’s the most joyous of times and joyous of places: Christmas at Greendale.

The Greendale Human Being! In icicles!

Abed’s got his hands on the long-lost Inspector Spacetime holiday special, and he wants them all to watch it together on Christmas—this semester’s been so long and dark and angry. (Also, this is a hard time for Abed, remember.) Troy can’t make it. He and his Jehovah’s Witness fam will be doing stuff that day (but not stuff related to Christmas, obvs). Shirley will be trying to convert…ahem…persuade her Jewish friends into, y’know, not being so Jewish, and Annie will be at the movies with her bubbie. (Annie, darling, it’s buh-bee, not boo-bee. Take it from this Jewess. Annie’s non-Jewish side must control the part that pronounces stuff.) Oh wait! It’s a joke! Troy thinks she means boobies. Should I go back and delete to the part where I paused too soon? Nah, you’re enjoying this, right? (Oh, be quiet, you’ll miss me when Community’s gone.)

Anyway, trying to make things better only makes them darker, so says Jeff, and oh, there’s the glee club. It’s Christmas-pageant time. Mash-ups, hip-hop remixes…but wait! It’s a Christmas miracle! Lawyer Jeff’s sicked (sacked? Siced? I don’t know.) security guard Chang on the club for copyright infringement. (Just go with it.) Boom: Glee club just became history club. (Glee-clubbers go to a dark place when unable to be gleeful. I totes bought their collective nervous breakdown.) At this point, I’ve lost track of the digs at Glee. I encourage you to watch again and count for yourself.

So anyway, the Christmas pageant is in trouble, and the study group did such a bang-up job the last time they filled in that adviser Mr. RADison (that sort of dreamy, sort of creepy new guy on SNL), wants them to do it again. But they’re gonna pass. Being in glee club was too much like rolling on Ecstasy. (That’s how you say it, right you guys? Drug addicts and ravers, help a gal out here.) Mr. Radison, disappointed, goes.

(Is Jeff wearing makeup? Just asking, not judging—I love a man in eyeliner.)

Our one sane and truly good character, Abed, is sad for Mr. Rad. But things would have only gotten dark, he tells him. Does he really believe that, or is that just the kvetchy, sourpuss voice of Winger? Piano solo! (Really, the piano is playing itself.) Glee is the gift that we need. Glee lets your brain get your heart in its pants (or something). Project! Abed’s going to try to get the gang into the Christmas pageant. Yay! (Or is it yay? Telling creepy pedophile smile from Mr. Rad. Ruh-roh.)

Back at Tranbed’s pad, Abed is gleeful. Troy and his delicious-looking sandwich are suspicious. More than that, Troy can’t celebrate Christmas because of Jehovah. Evil plan! What if Troy only pretends to like Christmas so he can take down the holiday? (Cue Childish Gambino! Autotune! Booty girls!) They have to save Christmas to save their friends! (Again, just go with it.) Troy’s on board!

Annie’s suspicious. Regionals! Sweater vests! Reverse bullying! Chuck Berry boogaloo! Keytar! This is the musical equivalent of the survey literature course I taught at Brooklyn College (even though I don’t have my Ph.D. and sometimes had to lie about things I didn’t know. What?). Fake butter, AIDS and Twin Peaks—oh my!!! Pierce is on board.

Um, Mr. Rad has made a super-creepy diorama of the gang. There’s a leaf on Britta’s head. This seems important. Uh-oh, Annie’s on board.

On-board Annie’s in a Sexy Mrs. Claus getup toying with Jeff! And she’s JEWISH! Which means she doesn’t know how to open a box! Boopy-doopy-doop-doop…sex! (Yep, Jeff is definitely wearing eyeliner.)

Evil genius Mr. Rad knows exactly what buttons to push: Jeff’s sex button, Shirley’s religious button (cue right-wing children-of-the-corn choir)…. And then there was one. Hang tough, Britta. Resist Winger’s delightful taste buds. (Because there was a super-close-up shot of Joel McHale’s tongue, you guys. That’s why.) Anyway, CHRISTMAS ZOMBIES!!!

Christmas pageant time! (All that red was bouncing around for you guys, too, right? Am I the only one who has bouncy red on my TV?) Anyway, now that everyone’s brainwashed, Abed isn’t thrilled with the way things have gone. (I.e. that his friends Stockholm Syndromed out about Regionals and Mr. Rad wants them to stay that way forever.) So he has Britta switch roles: He’ll be the mute tree, she’ll be the mouse king. (Can we discuss how Gillian Jacobs is rocking that brown unitard? Holy hell.) Cue Radison’s break. He’s actually not very nice! And maybe killed the last glee club! (Why, Community, do you mean to suggest that shows like, I don’t know, Community, have more heart than say, shows that parade around professing to have lots of heart, like, hmm, Glee? Oh, no? Ok, carry on, then.)

Poor Abed. Guess it’s going to be a buttered-noodle Christmas. OR IS IT??? It’s the gang caroling! Just like you knew they would. It has been a dark semester, but all is right with the world when the gang sticks together.

Secondary-character ornaments! Dean! Chang! Pop-pop! Starburns! Leonard! I know the writers didn’t know this would be their last episode for a while (if not forever), but it seems appropriate to end with a Leonard raspberry. Appropriate, indeed.

So I’ll see you when I see you, you guys. It’s been real—truly. I hope to catch you after the HOIL for more fun goodtimes. Yours in Winger love,


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