David Cross still cautious about Arrested Development return, despite official announcement

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It’s no secret that fans of Arrested Development have followed every piece of chatter about the show returning since its cancellation nearly six years ago. With cult-like fervor, audiences have been hopeful that rumors would become reality and the story of the Bluth family would continue. Their wish was finally granted in early October with the announcement of Netflix airing 10 new episodes followed by the feature film that has been promised for so long.

Even star David Cross who played former Analrapist, never-nude, aspiring actor Tobias Funke (Cross in character, above), is slowly growing more confident he will finally put back on those denim cut-offs.

“I’m certainly more optimistic than I was four months ago,” Cross told MTV News during a recent interview “But I still — not being jaded or cynical about it, but just being realistic — I will believe it when I see it. I’ll believe it when it’s all happening. But I’m definitely more optimistic now than I was a couple of months ago.”

It’s not surprising that Cross, even as one of the stars of Arrested Development, has remained cautious; after all, the continuation of the Bluth story has been semi-promised and hinted to for far too long. Cross has expressed his concerns in the past, stating that as much as he would like to play Tobias again, he would not get his hopes up until development and details were set in stone. But with plans apparently moving forward, Cross seems to finally be shedding some of his doubt.

“For me, Tobias is such a fun character to play,” he said. “I’m looking forward to it, as I know everyone in the cast and crew is. Everyone is really looking forward to doing it.”

While the final details are still being worked out by creator Mitch Hurwitz, all those involved, including Cross, are excited to make a return despite knowing very little themselves.

“I’ve seen [Hurwitz] a couple of times since that New Yorker event where they announced [the show’s return],” Cross said. “He has kept me up to date with his ideas. I don’t think they’ve been put down on paper yet. I imagine based on past experience, as it starts to get fleshed out, he’ll start telling me things and picking my brain about things.”

You’ll be able to see Cross on IFC’s series The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret which begins its second season on Jan. 6. Or you can check out this wee clip of Tobias in action:

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