Comedian Ben Bailey debuts tonight as host of NBC game show ‘Who’s Still Standing’

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The new trivia game show, Who’s Still Standing premieres tonight at 8 pm ET on NBC. Hosted by veteran stand-up comedian and Emmy award winning host of Cash Cab Ben Bailey, the show is based on the Israeli program Still Standing. Like many other trivia game shows, contestants have the opportunity to win up to one million dollars by answering questions; however, this show pits contestants against each other in a one-on-one trivia battle. The show is a huge hit overseas with versions currently airing in Spain and Hungary with the show in development in 10 other countries, including Germany and France.

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The competition begins with one contestant facing off against 10 competitors. The contestant chooses one of their opponents to go head-to-head against in a trivia battle for a money prize. If one of the players answers a question incorrectly, they are dropped through a trap door (which actually sounds like fun) and are out of the competition. The battle continues until only one player is left standing. If the original contestant triumphs over the other 10 competitors, they can win up to one million dollars. You can watch Bailey explain it below:

While Ben Bailey may be best known to the mainstream as the host of the hit show Cash Cab, the New York-based comedian has had a successful career in stand-up well over a decade now, getting his start at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Bailey has appeared regularly at national comedy festivals, performed on many of the late-night talk shows and has filmed two stand-up specials airing on Comedy Central; his one-hour special Road Rage premiered in this past spring and his “Comedy Central Presents” special aired in 2006.

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