Eddie Pepitone will film new scenes for ‘Community’

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Hundreds of Community fans this afternoon gathered in midtown Manhattan, steps from NBC headquarters, to plead with the network to save their favorite show; and they did it flash mob style (see video below)— just in case the #savecommunity hashtag on Twitter wasn’t enough to get the network’s attention. The funny thing is NBC didn’t cancel the show. They didn’t even say they might cancel it.

What the network did was shelve the midseason episodes. NBC did the same thing to Parks and Recreation once and that show is still going strong— and only getting slightly higher ratings than Community. So, logically speaking, there’s isn’t a real reason to believe Community is going anywhere. But the folks that love Community, really love Community. And by the way, we really love Community. And they’re emotional. And scared. And proactive! Which is good. Who knows– maybe Lucky Louie would’ve had a chance at a second season on HBO if its die-hard fans who petitioned after the cancellation started their work before the show was even axed.

So, Community fans: please take comfort in the facts and also this: comedian Eddie Pepitone told us that the show wants him to play a janitor named “Crazy Schmidt” in an upcoming episode, which will film the first week of January. You may remember his brief role as the lurking Greendale grounds worker in the most recent season’s third episode “Competitive Ecology.” That’s him in character, above.

Pepitone told Laughspin writer Jake Kroeger the news during a sit-down interview. We’ll post the full interview very soon. But for now, just know that Community hasn’t been canceled. If it comes to that, though, we’ll be crying with you.

You can read more about the changes in NBC’s lineup here.

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