Stephen Colbert ends possible presidential bid (Video)

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Stephen Colbert made a stunning(ish) announcement on his show last night. He is ending his exploratory committee to run for President of the United States of South Carolina.

The news comes after last weekend’s South Carolina primary where Colbert ran as Herman Cain. The Colbert-bumped Cain racked up 1.1% of the overall vote in South Carolina with 6,324 votes, more than any other candidate…that was no longer running. Colbert thanked his exploratory committee, which included Pat Buchanan, Criss Angel (the illusionist/fake magician), Roscoe the super-intelligent ferret and Bagger Vance.

Colbert is not too sure what he’s going to do now (and I believe that, wholeheartedly). He attempted to take back the reigns of the Super PAC he founded, currently named The Definitely Not Coordinating With Stephen Colbert Super PAC. However, when Colbert found friend and Super PAC president Jon Stewart in his Daily Show studio counting money, Stewart was not as cooperative as Colbert had hoped.

I had personally wished that Colbert would make a serious third party bid and shake up this election. But I was not as disappointed about last night’s announcement when I read that a recent Public Policy poll gave Colbert 13% as a third party against President Obama (41%) and Mitt Romney (38%). The same poll showed that Colbert’s supporters voted for Obama over Romney 52-38 head to head.

A Colbert third-party run would potentially aid the Republican party in November. I’m not sure who the real Stephen Colbert supports, but maybe he saw the same poll and decided that he can do more good for this country with his Super PAC money (once Stewart lets him back in, or maybe even with a brand new Super PAC) than he can as a candidate for the presidency.

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