Howard Cosell’s grandson Colin launches his own comedy news show

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The late Howard Cosell, who helped to drastically change the way professional sports were covered on television, didn’t make a habit of showing his sense of humor to his millions of viewers. His grandson, Colin, on the other hand, is doing exactly that. And while the 32-year-old Cosell makes his living covering sports for the New York City Tri-state area sports network MSG Varsity, he’s also making a play to turn his comedic chops into something more. He’s performed on stand-up stages throughout the city, but with the launch of his new Web series Social News Media Network, he’s now utilizing his on-camera reporting prowess to create laughs. The concept of the show is simple: report the news each week, but let regular people (and the occasional comedian), already active on social media, provide the commentary.

“I decided to start this because I tend to spend time on Facebook and Twitter trying to see who will make me laugh the hardest,” Cosell tells Laughspin. “I also noticed that, nowadays, people tend to get their breaking news from these social media platforms. It suddenly hit me that I could easily combine the two and create a weekly newscast around it. I already had a green screen in my apartment, not to mention my girlfriend’s insanely cool DSLR camera, so it was merely a matter of finding the right content and putting everything together.”

And although this is no doubt a small budget operation, Cosell has teamed up with some friends and writers to help him cull information from the social media sites. You’ll notice, too, after watching an episode, that there’s a small “studio” office a la The Soup, but instead of Hollywood, the fun goes down in Queens.

“We’re only four episodes in, but already have an investor,” Cosell adds. “With his help, we were able to buy a teleprompter and really tighten the whole show up. We really feel like we’re onto something with this project and are excited about its limitless potential. The proof of this is in the time we put into it while making absolutely no money. But you gotta start somewhere.”

You can check out the latest episode below. Tell us what you think!

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    Awesome, Very creative idea!  I can’t wait to see more. keep up the good work!

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    Love the guy!

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