The boring truth about the Wet Hot American Summer sequel (UPDATE)

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A few weeks ago, Michael Showalter caused a lot of comedy nerds to lose their shit, when he told Bravo host Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live!, in no uncertain terms, that the Wet Hot American Summer sequel was a go. Cohen read a Twitter question from a viewer about the possible second installment to the flick Showalter and David Wain wrote. Showalter’s response: “Absolutely yes. One hundred percent yes. The whole gang. Everyone’s back. We’re doing it.”

The day after, Michael Ian Black (WHAS co-star and member of sketch group Stella, along with Wain and Showalter) talked to Entertainment Weekly, telling them, “I’ve just talked to [Michael Showalter]. I said, ‘You caused a little bit of a stir when you said that.’ He said, ‘Yes, I know.’ It’s not true. It’s not not true. But he made it sound like the movie was in pre-production and it’s not. Everybody is basically on board to do it and he and David Wain have been working on a script and hopefully it’ll happen. But it’s not locked into place or anything.”

This morning Wain, promoting his newest film Wanderlust, was answering questions during Reddit’s recurring live Q&A feature. And of course, the sequel came up. One Reddit reader asked if it was happening; Wain simply responded: “see above.” What he was referencing was a previous answer he gave to a question more about his general relationship with Showalter and Black and the State and the projects they may or may not be working on. See below:

Truth is all of us in The State are constantly doing various projects with different sub-groupings of the original 11 and I think we will always continue to do that. Stella is ongoing and no plans to end it. More shows, perhaps a movie, more shorts – who knows.

So, there you have it. In short, Wain and everyone else involved are totally open to the idea of a Wet Hot American Summer sequel. And that’s about it. To hold you over until there’s more news about the project, why not head over to Laughspin writer Emma Kat Richardson’s 10-year anniversary piece about WHAS, wherein she speaks to Wain, Showalter and Black about the film’s legacy. Enjoy.


Ok, so I wrote this before I realized Wain was on the newest episode of Scott Aukerman’s podcast Comedy Bang Bang! After listening to that the reality of the WHAS sequel is surely less boring. The fact is, according to Wain, is that he and Showalter have already started writing the script. He tells Aukerman that the main characters — most of which are expected to return — will be only slightly older than how they appeared in the original. The working title is still under wraps, as is the plot. Sorry, guys, for posting before listening to Comedy Bang Bang! You guys are super cool. The End.

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