Thank you, Seth Rogen for having balls about the Chris Brown and Rihanna thing (Video)

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The night before the Oscars went down, Seth Rogen hosted the Independent Spirit Awards on IFC, held annually to honor movies made by independently-run studios. It’s sort of the anti-Oscars in a lot of ways; the most glaring difference is in the general presentation. Rogen freely dropped F-bombs during his 15 minute opening monologue, and best of all, finally said what every levelheaded person was thinking, in relation to Chris Brown and Rihanna– not to mention Brett Ratner, whom he calls a “horrible bigot” in reference to his famous “rehearsal is for fags” pronouncement at a Tower Heist press event. Of Chris Brown and Rihanna, Rogen says, among other things, “[At the Grammys] you can literally beat the shit out of a nominee and get asked to perform twice.”

Check it out below. The good stuff starts at about the 5-minute mark.

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