Comedian Gallagher suffers second heart attack in two years

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UPDATE: Gallagher is in a medically induced coma, according to Huffington Post.

After recovering from a dramatic heart attack onstage last year, comedian Gallagher has suffered another. The 65-year-old is resting and under sedation and with his family at a Texas hospital, according to a representative. He was set to perform a shot at Coach Joe’s Hat Tricks in Lewisville, Texas last night when he collapsed backstage and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined what had happened.

Last year on March 10, Gallagher collapsed in Minnesota during a performance. As we reported then, “During the smashing portion of his show at Whiskey Bone’s Roadhouse, in fact, right after Gallagher exclaimed, “…And the rockets red glare!” and crushed a food product with a giant sledge hammer, the jokester hit the floor and didn’t get up. A 911 call was made and he was rushed to a nearby hospital.”

This heart attack is reportedly more serious than his last. His show’s in Woodlands and El Paso, TX have been cancelled; Gallagher also had shows scheduled in Hinton, Ok and Bend and Portland in Oregon. No word on the status of the rest of his shows. He’s booked through the end of the year.

Gallagher, 65, was set to perform on Wednesday night at Coach Joe’s Hat Tricks in Lewisville, Texas, when he collapsed backstage. An ambulance took him to a nearby hospital where doctors determined he had suffered a heart attack. He remains there under sedation, said Christine Scherrer, a representative for his manager.

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  • aaaa

    lol people on the internet are mad at words.

  • guest

    Phhhttt. What Gallagher house? His Mama and Daddy’s passed – he alienated his twin brother (Gallagher Too) and the rest of his siblings from his old lawsuit – his kids don’t talk to him – his manager Marty and Marianne Propper from his old original Wizzard of Odd Productions is only in it cuz of the percentage he generates – and they’re about to bail if the rooms he plays in gets any smaller – and the only permanent gigs he can get other than increasingly smaller and more and more out of the way casinos – is from the Insane Clown Posse Fair every year – i.e. the modern incarnate of the Neo-Nazi’s and all their white-power and other ignorant hate speech.

  • aaaaaaaaa

    Why is everyone on this site such a faggot? He uses street jokes, jokes that aren’t his own. That’s why we don’t like him. Not because he probably says nigger a lot to his family and makes everyone really uncomfortable at Christmas. Gotta be a be a cold Christmas at the Gallagher house.

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  • Buster Brown

    One wonders if he was in the middle of one of his homophobic rants, or perhaps his racist screeds – or maybe one of his tirades about what color President Obama REALLY is.  Karma continues its game of tag with Gallagher.

    • Steve

      Sorry Gallagher’s too edgy for you.

      • Buster Brown

         Yeah – edgy.  That’s what Gallagher has always been known for.  That’s why, as he once boasted, HE gets invited to play State Fairs!  of course, he’s grown so reckless and notoriously hateful toward audiences that he can’t even get THOSE anymore.

        Hey, I don’t wish the guy ill.  I just hope among those treating him aren’t anyone who’s anything but a middle-aged to elderly white, male tea bagger.  Waking up to see one of what he calls “the Orientals” or maybe a “fag” standing over his stretcher will not do much for his cardiac stability.

  • Drift Roberts

    And every comic in America sets their sight on trying to fill in at his tour dates.

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