After announcing his retirement, comedian Gallagher has another heart attack

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Veteran prop comic Gallagher cannot catch a break. After suffering a heart attack nearly two weeks ago, he’s suffered yet another– his third in two years. “It was fairly mild,” Gallagher’s rep Christine Scherrer told the Hollywood Reporter. She said it was likely related to the attach he had on March 14. The comedian is with his family resting at a hospital in Sedona, AZ.

The 65-year-old suffered a heart attack March 14 as he was prepping backstage for a show at Coach Joe’s Hat Tricks in Lewisville, TX. Moments before taking the stage he collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors determined he had a heart attack. He was eventually placed under a medically-induced coma and came out of it after a few days.

Last year on March 10, Gallagher collapsed in Minnesota during a performance. As we reported then, “During the smashing portion of his show at Whiskey Bone’s Roadhouse, in fact, right after Gallagher exclaimed, “…And the rockets red glare!” and crushed a food product with a giant sledge hammer, the jokester hit the floor and didn’t get up. A 911 call was made and he was rushed to a nearby hospital.”

Gallagher made his retirement announcement to Scott Spears of WDCM in Marion, OH. During the interview he took time to explain his crowds weren’t always the easiest, likening his job as a comedian to someone “baby-sitting people who can’t handle their alcohol.” Gallagher said he still plans on posting his thoughts online and maybe even performing at private parties.

You can listen to Gallagher announce his retirement below:

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