Listen to an interview with Mitch Hedberg conducted five months before he died

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This coming Thursday marks the seventh anniversary of comedian Mitch Hedberg’s death. And although we lost him when he was only 37 years old, he left us with what seems like a long lifetime of material. We can always listen and re-listen to his two albums, Strategic Grill Locations and Mitch All Together and his posthumous release Do You Believe in Gosh? or peep his half-hour Comedy Central Presents. And then there’s special, more unique things– like the audio below, which hasn’t been released until now.

Conducted by comedian Adam Cayton-Holland (who was an open micer at the time), this nearly 20-minute interview went down only five months before Hedberg died. The comic was on tour at the time, driving his RV — with wife, comedian Lynn Shawcroft — from town to town. “It’s 10 percent away from being a bus,” he proudly says about his new mode of transport.

Cayton-Holland, now a comic for eight years, covers a lot of ground during this chat: they talk about Hedberg’s first big break, touring with Stephen Lynch, Hedberg’s thoughts on Last Comic Standing, the possibility of him being on television (“That shit was thrust at me in the form of development deals, and I certainly had my chance to get on TV, but it didn’t pan out.”), the time some drunk woman threw a glass at him onstage, his worst show ever (hint: the Neville Brothers), a rowdy show he played with Dave Attell and Lewis Black, advice to young comics and more. So, sit back and enjoy the full chat!

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  • Lytchell

    Dylan, thanks for posting this. It’s so sweet to listen to…..

    ps DJL – “DYBG” was released in 2008. 


  • DJL

     As a journalist, the author should have taken the time to actually look up Mitch’s discography rather than trying to detail it from memory. Mitch’s THIRD album was titled “Do You Believe in Gosh” was released in late 2009. Research only takes a minute, the impression that the founder (and chief editor) of Laughspin didn’t bother to do a simple fact-check lasts a lot longer.

    • Lenny

      The Gosh CD is just a collection of unreleased bits.  It’s not quite a Mitch Hedberg album.  I wouldn’t say that’s the journalist/ founder/ cheif editor being lazy.  Mitche put two albums out.  Some other people were able to make another.

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  • Chris Speyrer

    Enjoyed the interview.  Got to work with Mitch @ Joker’s Comedy Cafe in Dayton (Miamisburg(, OH.  Some college guys came down from Ann Arbor, MI and Mitch bought them a hotel so they wouldn’t have to drive back.  A very talented and a very nice person.

  • Matt Roberts

    Such a talented performer. It is hard to believe it has been seven years since his death. We miss you Mitch! 

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