Watch the four video cross promo push between Conan O’Brien and Mashable

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Over the weekend, Conan O’Brien and uber-popular tech news site Mashable teamed up in what will go down as one of the hippest, most creative publicity schemes of the year. It all started when O’Brien commandeered the digital pages of Mashable, ousting CEO Pete Cashmore (the coolest surname an entrepreneur could have, by the way) in a buyout that cost Coco “thirty-five smackeroos.” And as you’ll see, Mashable and Conan aren’t the only two brands that cashed in on the four-video campaign. Here’s Conan explaining phase one. (Check out the bottle of Vitamin Water Zero — one of Conan’s sponsors — in frame).

Later in the day, O’Brien announced he had a scoop—Apple’s iTV is set to launch six months from now, but Coco already has it, having stolen it from Apple HQ. In addition to Apple scoring plugs, electronics company Phillips gets a subtle push. Check out the video.

Still, later, Conan announces the concept of manual Tweets. And now, Twitter (O’Brien was also Tweeting about his Mashable takeover throughout the day) is officially in on the cross-promo! Peep it below:

And then finally, O’Brien announces “our long, incredible journey has come to an end.” It seems it was all a big misunderstanding—and that instead of purchasing Mashable, Coco really purchased a fansite for the iconic television show M*A*S*H.

And no doubt, O’Brien will be talking about his weekend activities on Conan tonight, further pushing his partners in cross promotions. Well done, Coco. Well done.

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