Watch a heckler get mercilessly heckled when she takes the stage to tell jokes

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Filmed by comedian Adam Cozens, the below video shows you what might happen when you decide to heckle comedians at an open mic– and then decide to take the stage, yourself. Enjoy– or do whatever it is your when you’re watching a horrible train wreck.

[via Cringe Humor]

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  • Steve

    The comedian’s should have dealt with her individually and the mc should have booted her out.  They had only one heckler.  She had 15 hecklers.  Also her humiliation at that mic was bad enough.  To humiliate her publicly as some sort of fake lesson is lame.

  • guest guest

    I hate this chick so much. I can’t believe she actually has any friends.

  • Breadandcircusestv

    They really should have let her tell her long, unfunny opening joke, then tear into her. Anybody get her name?

  • Michael R.

    This is the girl who watches that Whitney Cummins TV show.


    @ Rob did that 50 year old man get laid out on the bar…??

  • Rob

    In my own opinion, open mics are supposed to be a relatively safe place to experience failure. This video was filmed at the PIT and I nearly went to that mic on the night in question. It’s kind of a open mic rule that you don’t film other peoples sets. I kind of thought that was an understood no. This chick, from her material seems like a real rookie, she heckled, got booed, probably learnt her lesson or will experience more hatred from NYC open micers, but there is no reason for this to be online. I also think it’s kind of strange to watch and rally behind the booing of the supposed heckler when there is no footage of her heckling. I’m all for open mic mayhem. Saw a fistfight between a host and 50 year old once. I like the host of that mic and I think the way he handled it was both funny and respectful of both the audience and the dumb comic, but this video should be pulled down. I would hate to see people posting footage of some of my open mic sets.

  • Ryan

    for comedians, they sure aren’t good at heckling. Yelling “booooo!!!” wall-to-wall? Umm…. any retard can do that. Waaaaay better to wait for her to tell a joke and then slam her than to just be loud so she can’t get a word out. Let her dig her own grave. Also, funniest part, “I just smoked hash with Coolio in Las Vegas!” haha!! how is that bragging?

    • Mike David

       Haha, maybe she’s just playing an amazing character. Also, someone needs to tweet this to Coolio.

  • Mike David

    I wish this happened at every open mic, but to the comics performing and not out of revenge to a heckler. haha. Something about yelling out “DIE!” makes me very giggly. 

  • Patrick Passafiume

    I love every second of this, except for the part where she told her jokes.

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