Comedian apologizes for heckling other comedians at an open mic (Video)

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On Tuesday, we posted a video of a comedian getting mercilessly heckled onstage in New York City during an open mic. In short, she was disrupting many comedians’ sets that night and then she took the stage. The video has since been removed from YouTube. However, the comedian dropped in to another open mic to apologize. You can watch it below. But we want to know what you think. Should she have apologized? And how do you think she handled the situation?

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  • Ryan


  • Laugh Spin Fan

    I only got ten seconds into this clip and think the crowd was rude to the Emcee.

    She should have gotten off the stage after the applause break on “I promise I will never do it again.”  I also think the guy going on after her, cheapened a heartfelt apology.

    I don’t think her career should be ruined or anything like that.  But I think the overall rule is “Comedians shouldn’t heckle or talk in the room while other comedians are on stage.”  And I don’t think she’s the only one in that room who needs to learn that lesson.

  • Bankind

    Just go write some jokes you horse’s ass. 

  • Jason Burke

    ‎”Remember the time that
    chick wouldn’t shut up at that open mic and we all got a chance to
    practice dealing with an actual heckler instead of being ignored by
    other comics memorizing a set list that will also be ignored? Yeah me
    too, it was great. I’m glad I went.” Recognize an opportunity when it’s
    presented to you and make the best of it. She was a blessing in disguise
    and no one took advantage of the situation the way they should have,
    which was to grow as a comedian.

    If the host isn’t gonna handle it, and
    she gives you shit, grind out those 3-5 minutes to try and walk her
    because you will absolutely have to do that more than once in your
    career, and in a much less comfortable environment. The fact that it
    was filmed and put out there, only further exemplifies the insecurities we
    all harbor as comics. The only person that really benefits from this is
    her, as it’s much easier to learn from your mistakes when there’s a
    reminder with 50k views attached to it.

    But hey, I’m just saying.

  • Mike David

    I feel like I’ve met 30 girls like her at open mics over the years. Also, 50 bucks says this girl has already given Hannibal a blow job. 

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