Community recap: The study group goes to war and two friends reunite

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When we last left the gang, best friends 4eva (though did 4eva just get a lot shorter?) Troy and Abed were at war. As they retreated into their respective Blanket and Pillow forts, their future was uncertain.

Strap in, kiddos: It’s Blanketsburg vs. Pillowtown, and it ain’t gonna be pretty. In this very special Greendale Campus Television production, we open on a feather-laden hallway. Watch out, Ken Burns. It’s war-documentary time. And film crew means disaster.

Disaster is certainly upon us: With Troy and Abed at odds, the world’s gone crazytown, and the dean knows it’s up to Jeff to mediate these Friends Weekly cover stars back to normal. (Well, “normal.”) Imaginary friendship hats! Nope, they don’t work. Though they were co-settlers of New Fluffytown just days ago, the two—one committed to pillows, one invested in blankets—cannot see eye to eye. Troy’s ambitions do not jibe with Abed’s aesthetics. Cut to the student cell phone footage of the Study Room Kerfuffle!

Troy serves Abed with an all tomato. He wants the whole tomato—or else. No deal. Abed’s no fool—he won’t surrender his tomato just because Troy asked for it. See you guys at midnight, then! Vet Leonard, who fought in Korea (for the north, natch), knows this will not be good.

12:07 a.m.: Blanketsburg charges and draws first blood—Pillowtown will draw first blood, part 2. All’s fair in pillow-fight wars (except for the face and groin). Onward!

Britta photographs the carnage (i.e. the feathery can of soda she crushed herself), and even Jeff is in on the action now—on Blanketsburg’s side?! Ok, I’m sorry—Abed has been infuriating lately, I get that. But he’s Abed. And don’t you think Troy is being a bully? Shirley (herself a reformed bully), Pierce (initially), now Jeff—they’ve all chosen Troy.

Oh wait, false alarm. Jeff just doesn’t want to go to class. Never mind.

Pierce is itching for a fight and gets Abed to greenlight a secret weapon. When word gets back to Troy, he has no choice but to enlist Chang for backup. (Noooooo. I was so enjoying a Chang-free semester.)

Shoulder-massage daisy chain! Hyperactive bar mitzvah brigade!!! Makes sense, actually. Pillows are their milieu.

Annie’s the nonpartisan humanitarian aide. She spends her days comforting the feather-laden and texting Jeff, even though he is an infuriating, self-centered correspondent (insert sushi icon). They are each other’s touchstones whilst brutality rages around them (sort of like I imagine the premise of that new Zac Efron movie about him and that way older chick with the commercials where it looks like all they do the whole movie is fuck even though she looks like she’s my age and I’m pretty sure Zac Efron is 14 and he keeps making these really graphic sex faces, like he’s in a porno or something, so…like that, but less awk).

Meanwhile, the Changlorious Basterds are bringing the PAIN. Abed has no choice but to unleash his doomsday device: part pillow, all carnage (i.e. Pierce).

(Did anyone else think that commercial for Awake that started with a hostage situation was part of Community? Anyone else watch commercials?)

Oh Abed! And here I thought the humanity was peeking through (see: his last Facebook update), but now Troy’s intercepted an email in which his former BFF has outlined all his weaknesses (the color red, boobs). Really not cool, Abed. I may be boarding the next train to Blanketsburg, after all.

But oh, Troy’s mean, too. Abed will never have any other friends because of his mental issues, he says. Also, he’s a dick. No! I hate this!

Jeff does, too, and Annie’s words have stuck with him. Maybe it’s time to be a little less selfish (for the 40th time in this series. Don’t care, love it). It’s Winger to the rescue, as per usje.

Ceasefire night for Ski Shoot Sing. Secret summit meeting! Troy and Abed’s friendship is dead; loser has to find a new place. What the what? Way to Britta things, Winger.

And so the end of the war begins. Holy hell, Big Cheddar! (And does that blond lady have a gigantic penis as a pillow?)

Hi, Dean! It’s over. Guinness isn’t coming. Wah-wah. The gang has no more reason to continue—and yet it does, but only between Troy and Abed. They can’t stop—because it’s going to be the last thing they ever do together. (Gah! They do love each other!!!) Oh wait! Magical friendship hats! Even a little dusty and/or crumpled, they work their magic, even on Jeff.

Membership drive!!! (I would actually order the Annie’s Boobs story.)

Stellar timing, having the gang at war when certain (ahem) real-life Community folks could stand to get out their aggression with a no-holds-barred pillow fight of epic proportions. Dan and Chevy, look to Trabed! (Or don’t. Honestly, no offense to Chevy Chase, but Pierce has sort of outstayed his welcome, hasn’t he? I think he’d say so, too.)

So what did you guys think? It was cute, right? Not as epic as paintball or Annie’s pen, but certainly the most ambitious and playful episode we’ve seen since Community’s return. Next week, I’m crossing my fingers for more Britta. She’s coming out on top as one of my favorites this term (and let’s not forget that this whole thing started because Jeff had the hots for our girl B, way back when John Oliver was part of the cast. Oh yeah, remember him?)

Check out the full episode below!

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