Chevy Chase tells Dan Harmon he doesn’t want to return to ‘Community’ (Audio)

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Celebrity news site Celebuzz unearthed this newly-leaked phone call between Chevy Chase and Dan Harmon. Oh, you don’t know what’s been happening with these two? Here’s all the background. Though since Harmon barely talks, the word “conversation” is used loosely. It’s pretty much a rant, wherein Chevy tells Harmon that he’s talented but that in the end, Community stinks and the writers and editors are misusing Chase’s amazing comedy prowess. The veteran comedic actor also says he doesn’t want to return for another season. Check it out below.

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  • Matt Stiers

    Bring in a new bumbling old man. How great would it be to see Peppitone freak out every week on NBC.

  • Mitchbanks87

    This is a trash story. Its an invasion of privacy that might cost us Pierce Hawthorne.

  • Chase Mitchell

    Cool leaked voicemail, TMZ, but it seems like this is probably very old, considering it references year-old storylines as though they’re going on now. So, since we live here, in the future, we know Chevy came back. 

  • Diana L. Santiago

    I might be wrong, but that seems like a voice mail message, and someone recorded it during a playback and made 1-2 comments.

  • Adam Quesnell

    Chevy has been on a show for three or four years and he doesn’t know who edits the thing?


    The disappointing part is who recorded it and who released it?

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