Comedian looks to buy jokes on Craigslist, but is it real?

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Craigslist, the virtual, worldwide classifieds listing, has not been immune to practical jokes. Some are more obvious than others. But this entry, spied by a dedicated Laughspin reader, seemed super curious– even for Craigslist. Check it out below. Does it seem legit? Is this some sort of joke poking fun at Blue Collar comedy? (If so, that’s totally lame). And even if it is legit, is this the way you should be going about buying jokes? And should you be buying jokes? This just seems so wrong to me on so many levels (if it is a real ad). Sound off in the comments section below. (You can click on the image to make it larger).

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  • Bob Edwards

    So comics get to sell their throw away blue collar clean jokes? I feel like everyone wins in this situation. 

    • Adam Quesnell

       I’ve got 6 minutes on hot-dish that anyone is welcome to. The cost…a hot-dish.

  • NB

    I’ve sold many jokes and punched up comedians’ stuff through Craigslist.  Comedians from novices to superstars use writers; it’s common knowledge.  Just look at the credits on any late night talk show.

  • Slanket

    Having writers work for you is not uncommon at all. This isn’t even a funny post, so what would be the practical joke within in? I don’t even get the point of this “debate”

  • Mac Jaehnert

    Professional comics pay writers to help them build sets all the time. In that context, there’s nothing unethical about buying a joke as long as you’re honest that you bought it. You’re not going to develop as a comedian very quickly, but I don’t think an amateur buying a joke on craigslist is ethically any worse than pro comics paying professional writers.

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