Jim Gaffigan's infomercial for 'Mr. Universe' is amazing (Video)

Today’s the day, folks! Jim Gaffigan’s newest stand-up special Mr. Universe has finally arrived in stores exclusively online at JimGaffigan.com and it can be all yours for a measly $5– $1, of which goes to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, which helps wounded veterans and their families. But, stop! Wait! There’s more…

And yep, that’s Gaffigan’s wife (and writing partner) Jeannie pictured above and co-starring in the video, along with his kids. So, start downloading and leave your reviews of the special in the comments section!

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  • ben

    He said on the new episode of Nerdist this infomercial was Todd Glass’ idea.  After watching it it is sooooo Todd.  I loved the execution of it!