Watch Nick Offerman emasculate you with his woodworking prowess

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We’ve already established that lovable, tough and ready Nick Offerman is barely acting on Parks and Recreation where he portrays the lovable, tough and ready Ron Swanson. So it’s not at all surprising to see Swanson (or is it Offerman?) hawking the official Parks and Rec Ron Swanson bobblehead in this manly, saw-dusty online exclusive from NBC.

So, guys: on a scale of one to 10, how emasculated do you feel? Ladies, on a scale of one to 69, how badly do you want to 69 Ron Swanson and/or Nick Offerman?

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  • Kenny Kinds

    I made a wooden sign for my mom that made her cry. 
    Primarily because I was in college and the class was $1200.

  • rjmae5

    Have you people never done any woodworking? Nick’s a great guy but you act like he is the first person to ever make anything. His woodworking is great but I would have to say his greatest accomplishment (he would probably agree) is having snagged Megan Mullally as his wife. 

    • Dylan

      i would suspect that most Laughspin readers have never made anything from wood that they weren’t forced to do in class or something similar. i will, however, agree with you that snagging Mullally as his wife is his greatest accomplishment. no argument from me on that.

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