Proposed Daniel Tosh water tower ad denied, described as ‘fraught with peril’

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Poor, Daniel Tosh. Comedy Central wanted to do a nice thing for him by putting up a banner in the comedian’s hometown, Titusville, Florida, to celebrate his roots. The banner would run from May 14 to June 10, with proceeds expected to provide funding for Titusville’s Fourth of July festivities. But the city council just won’t have it.

The $7,000 planned ad buy to put “TOSH 5.29″ on the city’s water tower was rejected 4-1. Councilwoman Rita Prichett, the sole positive vote, suggested the city hatch a plan to allow water tower ads to raise revenue for the city. She leveled, saying that the council would have to approve the ads first to make sure that they are not “offensive” to the people of Titusville.

Apparently the remaining council members were offended by Tosh’s ad. Mayor Jim Tulley described the proposal as “fraught with peril,” reports Florida’s News 10. It’s unclear whether Tulley means putting ads on the water tower is a physical hazard or a peril to the eye. Councilwoman Martha Long added “I don’t think it’s a good use of public property. The fact that there is $7,000 being waved in front of us, it’s not worthy.”

That leads us to the question: What would $8,000 get us?

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  • Soursh

    That’s fucked up man. Tosh lyfe foreva. I want to have his children.

  • robt martin

    Sounds like this may be a real concern for public safety.
    If you were 12, and lived in Titusville, wouldn’t you climb the water tower to put your name up there?

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