Steve-O will host American Idol meets Fear Factor singing show on TruTV

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You know how there’s too many musical competition in existence? And you know how Fear Factor is back on television? Well, imagine this: Combine those two concepts. Then, have Jackass star and attempting-to-be stand-up comedian Steve-O host the whole thing. Well, that’s what cable network TruTV is doing.

The show is called Killer Karaoke. And here’s the deal: Contestants are forced to sing popular songs while an ornery antelope kicks them in the genitals, or something like that. To be fair, it’s a show that “challenges contestants to break out in song in the midst of extreme, hilarious and sometimes skin-crawling physical challenges,” according to the network. So I’m picturing some idiotic frat dick stripped naked, waist deep in mollusk semen singing some shitty Steve Miller Band song, while Steve-O (wearing nothing but a jock strap) laughs hysterically nearby. And if the contestant makes it to, say, chorus number two before sobbing uncontrollably, he wins $150 (before taxes).

The show will debut later this year alongside the network’s established shows World’s Dumbest…, Hardcore Pawn, Vegas Strip, Operation Repo, Lizard Lick Towing and Storage Hunters. Steve-O should feel right at home.

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  • jessicamonroe555

    Hmph. Perhaps it’s just me but this show sounds like a really silly idea that landed somewhere between too idiotic to be entertaining and something not seen before 100 times on cable TV. Steve-O is also an interesting selection for host. I’ve not seen him “perform” since he got sober but I’d imagine it a lot less hilarious than say how he was when he was breaking his nose on the Charlie Sheen Roast or smashing tables on the Adam Carolla Show. has more examples of what I mean, not to stray off topic but if Steve-O can make me laugh until I pee my pants sober then he should do that, not some crappy show. If not, perhaps both are best not on television right now.

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