How did we miss this Daniel Tosh gay adult film parody? (Video)

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If you’ve been googling “Daniel Tosh” in the past year (type that into Google and see what auto fill inserts for you) or even watching his show, Tosh.0, you probably won’t be surprised to hear there’s a gay porn parody, especially since the below trailer has been out since January (HOW DID WE MISS THIS?) Tosh.Hole is a porn parody to be admired. It’s structured like the original Tosh.0 with goofy clips and commentary from host “Danny Tosh.” Danny, who actually looks and acts nothing like comedian Daniel Tosh, can’t seem to convincingly deliver any of the terrible jokes that were written for him. Aside from that, he’s endearing, cute, and surprisingly funny. But for a porn parody, his jokes are oddly enough, tame, although they revolve around oral sex.

It looks like Jet Set Men, the porn company that produced the movie, along with other gems like, Jersey Score 1 and 2, Anthony’s Weener, and Hung Country For Young Men, wrote and directed the skits and clips that go along with the movie. Props to them, because the clips are kind of funny (maybe that’s the laugh track influence). There’s a safe for work (if you wear on headphones; there’s R-rated language) trailer below.

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  • Penice Fayce

    I believe in unicorn porn stars with penises for their horns. Hi Dad! Dad, make love to my bottom.

  • Merritt Pardew

    Frink’in made me laugh man.

  • Tank

    Love it! and if Tosh IS gay…. I”d fuck him…. sexy mofo that he is….

  • SMM

    this was fucking funny i like daniel tosh but if this dude had a show i would for sure watch it over tosh.o

  • Ohmyjosh1793

    were can i find the full video of the boy chocking?

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