Chelsea Lately comedian Heather McDonald fronts Kotex ad campaign Stand Up for What’s Real

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Ladies, it’s time to get real … about our “cycles.” I hate to admit it, but there is a comedienne out there talking to people about periods – but this time, it’s ok.

Chelsea Lately star, stand-up comedian and author Heather McDonald is fronting the new online campaign Stand Up for What’s Real in partnership with feminine care company Kotex, asking women to share their thoughts on the claims of feminine care ads.

If you’ve never witnessed an ad for these products, they aren’t unlike the commercials for STI treatments that are easy targets for jokes: Women are playing basketball, canoeing, frolicking in fields and enjoying better relationships– all because of the great comfort and confidence that their tampons supposedly afford them during an otherwise annoyingly uncomfortable time of the month.

“I know I can’t be the only woman who’s never thought of her period as a fresh blossoming flower,” McDonald says in the series’ intro, “or a soft feather gently floating on the breeze, or a beaker of weird blue stuff. Do the people who make the fem care ads realize [periods are] a normal bodily function for 50 percent of the population?”

Kotex has taken the campaign to YouTube and Facebook, polling fans with questions like, “How do you deal with your period?” and “How long is your cycle?” The campaign attempts to break the taboo and get women talking honestly about what their periods are REALLY like – and to move on. Stand Up for What’s Real seems to want to eliminate the notion that our bodily functions have to be couched in language as elusive and delicate as we are imagined to be.

The writing for these ads could stand to be punched up, considering they’ve got a comic to work with. But even without solid humor, they make their point with a bluntness that should get viewers talking.

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