David Letterman to Conan O’Brien: ‘Leno was a bit of a brat’ (Videos)

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As we’re sure you know, Conan O’Brien visited David Letterman last night on Late Show; it was the first time he did so in 13 years. And as expected, the pair talked at length about Jay Leno, the man who essentially stole back The Tonight Show from O’Brien. He’s also, of course, Letterman’s longtime rival.

Our favorite part was when Letterman was telling O’Brien about when he knew Leno back in the 1970s, at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He admitted that Leno was funny and everyone wanted to hang out with him. But when talking about the whole Conan/Leno debacle, Letterman added about those early days with Leno: “Jay was a bit of a brat. So when this came a long, I said to myself, ‘Yes, this is the Jay I know.'”

But Letterman and O’Brien didn’t dwell on Leno for the entire visit. O’Brien also told a great story about his 6-year-old son meeting Barack Obama. Check out all the clips below and tell us what you think!

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