FX trying to sell plain black t-shirt in the name of Louis C.K. (Update)

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UPDATE: 1:15 pm EST, May 29

After our story went live yesterday, it seems there’s been a change to the Louie merchandise page on FX. The Inspired by Louie Black T-Shirt is no longer available for purchase. Coincidence? I seriously doubt it. I have to imagine — let’s call it speculation — C.K. wasn’t aware that FX had added the item to the merch page and asked them to remove it– because, well, it was total bullshit. Again, that’s just me speculating– just a guy who knows stuff about the world of comedy speculating.


If FX was trying to figure out a way to mess up the artistic integrity its hit show Louie has rightfully garnered, I think they found it. Head on over to the network’s online store, and you’ll find a handful of cool (albeit, expensive) — $15 for a mug? — Louie merchandise. You’ll notice a plain black t-shirt, which is being sold for $25.

They’re calling it the “Inspired by Louie Black T-Shirt” and they’re not being ironic. Here’s the description for the item:

Sometimes the ordinary black t-shirt becomes iconic when it’s worn by a figure that’s larger than life, as is the case with the Inspired by Louie Black T-Shirt. When you want to be heard, keep the unimportant things – like what you’re wearing – discreet, so the important things – like your words, can be heard. The Inspired by Louie Black T-shirt is a place to start.

First, wasn’t George Carlin the first comic to really make the plain black t-shirt iconic? He’s even talked about his reasoning– about not wearing logos and all that good stuff. And secondly, if you’re trying to be cute, FX, why not just give away a free black t-shirt with each regular Louie purchase? That would be adorable, you silly fucks.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/carlosvalencia Carlos Valencia

    Good news everybody. I bought a shitload of these before they took them off the site, so if you still want to get a limited edition Louis CK black tee, for the low price of $45 just hit me up at reallythisisnotjustablacktshirtigot@goodwill.org.

    T-shirts signed by Louis CK also available for $89.99.

    *Autographs were signed with a black ink marker, and may not be visible to the naked eye.

  • Jason Wayne

    Hey if idiots wanna pay 25 bucks for a simple black t-shirt they could find at any clothing store, then that’s good. It means idiots enjoy good comedy. If good comedy can win the idiots, then we’ll see more and more great comedians getting what they deserve.

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