Comedian Chris Gethard still alive, still on his way to Bonnaroo (Videos)

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A few days ago we told you about Chris Gethard’s plan to travel to Bonnaroo, where he is scheduled to perform on June 7; the catch is he’s got no car, no phone and no money. Chris is about half way through his ambitious and potentially dangerous 10-day trek to Manchester, TN from Los Angeles, so we thought we’d check in on his progress so far.

Chris got in touch with some of the fans who reached out to help, and he got some pretty generous offers. The highlights: a fan in Los Angeles who offered to let him sleep inside an art installation in his home (complete with an image of the homeowner, with a boner, being projected onto him); four friendly ladies who offered a ride (which Gethard’s friend and cohort Bananaman is particularly excited about); and a fan in Arizona who offered to let Chris and his crew sleep in his car.

As Gethard prepared to officially leave for the trip, he gathered up all the necessities – a hand crank-powered flashlight, some Indian headwear, a manriki chain for protection, camouflage shorts, antidepressants, body wash, an undersized tank top, and a glow-in-the-dark Jason Voorhees mask.

Mere hours before the trip officially began, Chris stopped by the Comedy Bang! Bang! Live show. Chris reflects on how bad of an idea the whole thing is, discusses how little preparation he has actually done, and hooks up with his first volunteer – a dude named Alex who agreed to drive him to Las Vegas.

And just like that, Chris hits the road with Alex, a stranger and an “active non-fan” who admits to not even liking Chris that much. Chris spends his time on the road trying to win Alex over and make him a fan, which he does! Kind of.

After being dropped off in Vegas, Chris, against the advice of the Comedy Bang! Bang! audience, puts his trust into a stranger named “Tommy Guns.” Chris arrived at Tommy Guns’ door at 5 a.m. And luckily, as it turns out, Tommy Guns is totally cool! Tommy Guns greets Chris with cookies, sunblock, and a thermas.

That’s the last we’ve heard from Chris, so stay tuned to the YouTube channel to see where Chris ends up next.

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