Madonna will guest star on Childrens Hospital, says Rob Corddry

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Ever watch the run of an entire TV series in one sitting? With no breaks?

Take it from me: it’s only possible if you’re watching a well-crafted, amusing show. I wouldn’t recommend binging on Toddlers & Tiaras, for example. Or Breaking Bad. Too much and you’ll start losing any faith in humanity you may have had.

Potential for catastrophic loss of faith aside, this past weekend, the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater in Austin held an intense but fun eight-hour marathon of Adult Swim TV series Childrens Hospital as part of the first annual ATX Television Festival.

In attendance at the event were several stars from the program: Childrens Hospital creator Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, Rob Huebel, Erinn Hayes and executive producers David Wain and Jonathan Stern. Throughout the screening, the crew answered questions about the program and, in moments of technical difficulties that briefly halted the proceedings, performed some stellar card tricks (Wain, I’m looking at you – dude’s a Renaissance Man!).

And that’s not all! Interspersed throughout this marathon were also as-yet-unseen episodes of other projects from Wain, Stern, Marino and others: Adult Swim’s NTSF: SD: SUV, starring Paul Scheer and Burning Love, a new and hilarious web series starring Marino that parodies – finally – hokey reality series The Bachelor. Burning Love premieres today on Yahoo!, so do yourself a favor and head over to to see some uncomfortably wonderful romantic situations.

Anyway, after over seven hours of watching exceptionally absurd comedy unfold on screen, my exhaustion somehow did not prevent me from enjoying the cast and crew’s final treat: a sneak peak of the first two episodes of season four, slated to air in August.

Without giving too much away – I know how you kids hate spoilers – the fourth season will deviate from what we’ve seen so far on Childrens Hospital. “It is dramatically increased in scope and ambition, and has very little to do with the hospital,” says Corddry. “We don’t even really know what to call normal episodes.”

Adds Stern, “The baseline for what is a ‘regular episode’ has grown into something that is automatically something unusual.”

Unusual is an understatement. Expect, for example, an entirely British version of the show, complete with a British director, British writers, and British actors, shot on a completely different set (side note: y’all didn’t need to replace everyone with British actors; everyone on the cast has impressively authentic British accents). And look for some very impressive guest stars, like musical legend Madonna, Corddry told me, surrounded by some of the aforementioned cast and crew (No one denied it).

Seriously. Madonna. I think he was serious, anyway.

Long story short, even after watching the entirety of Childrens Hospital in one sitting, I’m still super pumped to see what these folks have in the hopper for the fourth season. But I probably won’t watch it all in one day.

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