What would you do for a free copy of ‘Louie’ on Blu-ray? (Giveaway)

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Well, the headline pretty much says it all. We’re excited to announce that we’re giving away three copies of Louie: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray.

In stores this coming Tuesday (June 19), the Blu-ray comes packed out with bonus features, including commentary from Louis C.K. (preview here). And you can get your grimy little hands on a copy! But how– how do I get my eager, filthy fingers on the Emmy-award winning FX show, which is returning for its third season on June 28 at 10:30 pm ET?

Well, all you need to do is leave a comment on this page explaining what you would do for a Louie Blu-ray. We’ll let you guys leave as many comments as you want until Thursday at 6 pm ET. That’s tomorrow if you’re reading this today, which is Wednesday. After the deadline, we’ll choose our three favorite ones.  So get creative! If you win, we’ll jump in on the comments section and ask you to drop us an email so that we can mail your Louie prize. Easy, right?

So, get to it, and make Louis proud!

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  • butterpoo

    I’d pee into my own eyes. (I have a vagina, that makes it more impressive.)

  • Trevor Thompson

    I’m certain that I deserve the LOUIE gift more than Miles, because I’ve been a fan of Louis since the late 80s, but I forfeit my try in favor of him.  Give him the prize.  He clearly has nothing else.

    • Miles

      Thassssssssss rite bitch, you lost and you’ve been his fan for upwards of two decades when I was just born in 96. I bet you work in construction, old man. #15yearoldtilidie 

  • Dylan

    Miles, R Finn and AntVagina… email us at contest@laughspin.com… we need to tell you something…

    • Brandon Ijames

      Awwww, maaaan!  Did I at least get 4th?

  • tehslaphappy

    This is the last comment, you have to give it to me now.

  • AntVagina

    I’m a poor African who has nothing clever to say because of my lack of education, when I was at the market the other day I traded my mothers ashes for a blu ray player in hopes of winning…oh I have to go and make dinner for my 12 orphan siblings who are all huge fans of Louie. 

  • http://twitter.com/CharlesColeman3 Charles Coleman III

    I would fillet a bag of Klondike bars in front of my father on Father’s Day. 

  • Christian

    I’d give away a free copy of louie Season 2 on Blu-Ray for a free copy of Louie Season 2 on Blu-Ray.

  • Lantz

    I’d sell myself on the internet for $5 and all of the proceeds would go to an animal shelter that I would then light on fire.

  • Schway

    I would wait in a line longer than Space Mountain lines during the summer at Disney World and tweet compliments to Sarah Palin and Bristol Palin

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrick.passafiume Patrick Passafiume

    I’d go to the store, maybe Best Buy or Target, and use cash or possibly a credit card to buy a copy.

  • Coreyj3

    I would listen to an entire lady Gaga album while painting my toe nails.

  • Miles

    I would be an annoying internet troll.

    • Miles

      Slanderer! Beware the false Miles.

  • stumpboy

    I would massacre an army of 9-year-olds

  • Chrisgehrt

    I would spend way too much time reading all of these comments, and spend way too much time trying to figure out who “Miles” is. So that has got to be worth something.  But I don’t own a Blu-Ray player, so to win this would actually just be a hassle.

  • Miles Woods

    Actually, for a copy of Louis on bluray, I’d go through and slam every other comment. Ahem.

  • Miles Woods

    For a copy of Louie second season on blu ray? At the very least, I would argue that I have more sports knowledge than Bill Burr, and stand there while he eviscerates me completely, as I know about as much about sports as a stillborn baby. I think a theoretical humiliation that great deserves free stuff.

  • Blacksavage1890

    i would find my biological mother and watch it with her

  • Cortfreeman

    I’m not sure who Blew Ray, but a DVD copy would be nice.

  • Mr. Mike

    I would steal a copy of Louie Season 2 on Blu-ray to win a copy of Louie Season 2 on Blu-ray

  • Cortfreeman

    I suppose I would buy a Blu-Ray player.

  • http://twitter.com/AlexSbai Alex Sbai

    I would be very grateful.  And also slap any hecklers in the face with my aids-filled penis and watch them die a slow and painful death.

  • http://twitter.com/mynameisseven Richard B

    Nothing C.K. wouldn’t have wanted to do to Ewan McGregor. 

  • jeremy

    i would NOT do anything anyone here has posted. but if i didn’t win, i would go buy a copy of louie the day it comes out because i love him.

  • Dokyaro

    I would go down on the queen of England and with my keyboard resting on her sunken breasts, (picture rotten avocados) I would write stump speeches for Mitt Romney.

  • Jwilliams1701

    I’d slip a bundle of wasp larve into a guy’s sandwich, strategically timed to sting their way our of his chest cavity on July 4th at a barbecue so the last thing his family sees before being stung to death is their loved one’s chest exploding with what they think is bees, but it’s really wasps. Then I’ll jump out form behind a tree yelling “Watch Louie, Season 2! On Bluray and DVD! On sale now!”

  • Perlstein

    I’ll pay retail for a Blu-ray copy of Louie.

  • http://twitter.com/andithinktome Eric Jetté

    I’d let a homeless chinese man with AIDS anally fuck me while I watched my gramma finger herself, oh, and  I was forced to sing along to a Nickelback song the whole time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamtonyfernandez Tony Fernandez

    Seduce Greta Van Susteren, then denigrate her.

  • Illpoetic1

    I’d steal a blu-ray player.

  • Enortiz383

    i would dye my hair and pubes red, then shave my pubes off and glue them to my face to make a goatee like that fat ginger bastard. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mckegg.collins McKegg Collins

    I would go all the way to New York City, wait outside the Comedy Cellar for Louie to show up, and ask him to write a note to Laughspin saying, “This fat idiot won’t leave me alone unless you give him a copy of Louie on Blu-Ray, so why don’t you just give him the thing so we can all go home and masturbate or whatever it is you do and this dumby can enjoy the thing I made even though he spent more on gas than he would have if he had just bought the thing from Amazon or something. So just give the thing to him out of mercy for his stupidity Love, Louie.” for a copy of Louie on Blu-Ray.

    • Miles

      That’s a bad Louie impression. You shoulda done your impression of you S’ing my D, then I could’ve given you my copy.

      • Mckeggcollins

        That’s a bad being a dick impression. Maybe you should return to the dick creating cunt you came out of and go suck a bag of dicks so you can learn a thing or two from the real dicks. I’d also have Bill Burr beat the shit out of you for a copy of Louie on Blu ray.

  • Stuart

    I’ll call Fig Newtons “Pig Newtons” for the rest of my life.

    • Miles

      That’s actually respectable. No rudeness here.

  • Victfaspij21

    I’ll let a pony bite me.

    • Miles

      Like his daughter!?! Cool. Me want louie. tired

  • the chocolatier

    I’d build that reflecting pool to the saddest hand job ever given.

    • Miles

      Neat. Drown in it. Louie ftw.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hunter-Boyette/29717101 Hunter Boyette

    I would abandon my beliefs and curse God’s name every day.

    • Miles

      That’s cool. I’m spent. Your picture is a burger.

  • http://twitter.com/chickywink Chicky Winkleman

    I’d show it to my Mom, look her in the eyes, and yell ‘SEE MAH!?!? THIS IS WHAT I WANNA DO! I WANNA STAR IN THE PIC-SHURS!!’

    And then I’ll watch as she sobs, runs from the living room, and hides in her bedroom until I leave her house never to return.

    • Miles

      That’s not a nice thing to do to your mom. She’ll be confused. 

      • http://twitter.com/chickywink Chicky Winkleman

         Atleast she’ll be able to tell all her knitting buddies that her son is a failed television comedian. That’s right underneath dropping out of med school and working as a janitor in your old high school.

  • Stuart

    I’d blow Ewan McGregor.

    • Miles

      DIE. JUST DIE. Sincerely, Miles.

      • Stuart

        Aw thanks Miles. I think it’s really cool that you decided to leave a comment on everybody’s comment.

  • Stuart

    I would give up my first class seat on an airplane to a soldier.

    • Miles

      How sweet. Go be sweet at the Beacon Theatre.

  • Danny

    I’d jump off a cliff knowing that Superman was near by to save me and then when he saves me I’ll tell him about how much I loved his role as Bobby Long in Zack and Miri Make a Porno causing him to rage before we both realize that he’s actually the actor Brandon Routh and we both die. The following days headline reads something that has nothing to do with our deaths because no one cares and the world is minus two idiots.

    • Miles

      This was confusing, I don’t have a quip so I’ll just say that you are an inside out diarrhea sandwich. Happy?

      • http://twitter.com/ASecretTweet Danny

        No Miles. I am not happy. The lack of a quip has saddened me greatly. I’m sorry if you couldn’t comprehend the wonder of my comment.

  • Taylor

    I would probably ask nicely, a few times. That’s about as far as I’d go. I mean, sucking a bag of dicks for a $30 Bluray? It just doesn’t seem worth it. It seems really extreme, no? That’s one of those things that you’d do for like, a million dollars. So, yeah, I’d just ask nicely. OR suck ONE, and ONLY ONE dick. That’s about it.

    • Miles

      I wonder if you’re a boy Taylor or a girl Taylor. Either way, I can rest assured that you are a loser Taylor. Louie is mine thank you very much.

  • Brandyn

    I’d get Jason Statham to blow Dylan!

    • Miles

      Dylan doesn’t want that. He wants to award me, is what he wants. You dummy.

  • Brett McCabe

    I’d suck the same bag of dicks that everyone else above me sucked.

    • Miles

      So you’d be unoriginal and empty? That sure worked for them! No Louie bitch!

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  • Brandyn

    I would let Barbara Bush piss Jew blood into my ear. 

    • Miles

      Low key, this comment is garbage.

  • Shane Langnes

    I would gather four people from my past, Don the wheelman, Frank the gun, Annie the Vixen, and Harold would be the muscle. Together we would pull off a five man job to get the DVD from your offices while you are reading this comment.

    First Annie will lure the security guard and pretend to be that new female security guard you saw today when you came in for work. Then Don will pose as the UPS truck driver who delivered the brown box that you had in the mail today before you read this.

    It should start to beep right about now. If it’s not then everything is gong according to plan.

    The new janitor should come in right about now to empty your garbage cans. Did he just take your package or are you just imagining things? It doesn’t matter because that’s when Frank should be walking in there and shooting up the place like a mad man. But as per the arrangement he is using nerf guns.

    After that scene is done distracting you from reading this last part of the comment everything seems to have settled down, the UPS truck is 4 people heavier, and you are out Blu-ray.

    • Miles

      Once again, the ratio of words to funny is probably really bad right here. I didn’t read it because reading sucks, that’s why I’ll watch season 2 of Louie on bluray instead.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6IH6BLSQ6CE2E5UDMPG4LAGKU Vince4815162342

    I would go to North Korea with nothing but socks on 

    • Miles

      North Korea is nice.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6IH6BLSQ6CE2E5UDMPG4LAGKU Vince4815162342

    I would create a yahoo account just to comment on this 

    • Sammy Jo

       You didn’t have to…

    • Miles

      She’s right, you didn’t have to. You didn’t have to be born either, but here we are, lamenting it anyway.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q6IH6BLSQ6CE2E5UDMPG4LAGKU Vince4815162342

    I would blow a clown on a stage with no one in the audience but my two grandmothers 

    • Miles

      Blah blah weird sex thing blah blah unfunny blah blah moving on. No bluray kid.

  • Andrew Geraci

    I would dye my hair, change my name to Hendrik, begin wearing glasses, and move to Norway. Whilst there, I would meet a girl named Bell-Anne. She is a luxry purse maker who would fall deeply in love with me. We would become extremely close and we would tell each other all of our secrets. I would make up a secret that one of my life dreams is to rob a bank and this new found information would not only spark her interest in bank robbery, but it would make her extremely horny. We would do it all night. The next day we would prepare to rob one of Norway’s largets banks. We would fall more and more in love by the second and she will place all of her trust in me. The time would come to make the heist. All is going according to plan. We’re in the bank vault undetected and placing stacks of Norwegian Krones into our cool, official bank-robbery leather bags . Suddenly, an alarm goes off. She yells my name, asking what we do. She turns around, and I am no where to be found. Police rush in, and Bell-Anne curses my name. 

    I make my way back to Bell-Anne’s apartment where I stashed the real, cool, official bank-robbery leather bags and bring them to the nearest merchant. I will sell him the bags and I will receive 239.1518 Krones….or $39.99, just enough to buy Louie Season 2 on Blu-Ray. I will attempt to log onto Amazon.com to order the blu-ray, but the internet is out only on my floor….it must have been the curse of Bell-Anne.

    • Miles

      No lie, I didn’t read this. It looked too fucking boring. No Louis for you.

  • Emrovie

    I would type a comment here to win Louie on Blu Ray. And I would let. Y eife give me a sad, pity handjob while I typed it.

    • Miles

      That was comment shameless… Whoops. I misspelled shitty. That comment was shitty.

  • I Love Louis Szekely

    I would happily blow 20 guys in an alley with bleeding dicks, just so I could get AIDS and then fuck a deer and kill it with AIDS for a BluRay copy of Louie

    • Miles

      Louis reference! Awesome! Although, you do have his last name, which is pretty cool. Still, I’m cooler. TTYL. I Love Louis Szekely more.

  • Brandon Ijames

    I would tear off my asshole and throw it against the wall, and when it sticks there, I would jump through it into another dimension where ponies eat Klondike bars from my asshole.

    Oh, wait. That isn’t possible. My asshole would be in the previous dimension.

    • Miles

      Whoa! Holy Canoli! This guy created such a clever paradoxical body of wordplay! Or it was some asshole talking about his asshole… It’s definitely one or the other.

      • Brandon Ijames

        It’s both.

      • Brandon Ijames

        Let’s see how many more “assholes” we can squeeze into this assho… I mean comment thread.

  • Dave Emrich

    I would start writing articles for you guys again.

    …by “start writing articles” I mean I would give each of you you the appropriate amount of rim jobs. 

    (Hint: The appropriate amount is 7.)

    • Miles

      Rimjobs… awesome. Or! I think the appropriate amount is between 20 and 25, because that’s I think when people die inside. It varies. Regardless, lame.

  • tehslaphappy

    Just give me one, you awesome possum.

    • Miles

      Or don’t, you awesome possum.

      • tehslaphappy

        ur not my montra!!!!

  • tehslaphappy

    I will get a permanent washable tattoo of 1 scene of each episode of Season 2. 

    • Miles

      I liked your first one better, it had a sense of dying faith in it. And what’s more delicious than dying faith? Oh wait. Bluray season 2 of louie is.

      • tehslaphappy

         i’m dying inside.

  • tehslaphappy

    I would just remain optimistic and hope that this comment gets picked.

    • Miles

      Did you post this and realize your post sucked so you made 2 more? That’s what I think happened.

      • tehslaphappy

         i don’t think that happened but thoughts are relative and what not.

  • Psaltym

    I’d do nothing honestly… I can just torrent it.

    • Miles

      Good! Less competition. Also you smell.

  • Ditty

    I would buy a bluray player

    • Miles

      Why would you compete and not have a bluray player? Why not go to Ireland and be 10 years sober?

  • Dizcovolante

    I’d go to a Dane Cook show. *shudder*

    • Miles

      I dunno. That’s not even that bad? I mean, there’s worse shows people could sit through. We could all sit through a show of you trying your best to win Louie season 2, and that’s eye gougingly miserable enough already. Also, I’m sure there’d be a lack of refreshments.

  • http://twitter.com/KevinFroleiks Kevin Froleiks

    I’d punch a cat.  I know that’s not a Louie reference, but it can’t be all about him!

    • Miles

      You’re right. It’s all about me, and me winning this competition, thank you for recognizing that. You’ve accepted your Louie loss, and rightfully so. 

  • Switters

    I’d shoot a deer IN THE MOUTH. Because, you know, fuck deer.

    • Miles

      Weak sauce. If you were a real man, you’d adopt a deer. And show it louie season 1. because season 2 is at my house.

  • tehslaphappy

    I’d probably steal it.

    • Miles

      To win it, you’d steal it. I suppose you’ve conflicted both logic and reason on this one. Hopefully someone locks you in a washing machine til your learned your lesson. Bluray is not for thieves.

      • tehslaphappy

        you eat butts.

  • Ikp600

    I would give you my Klondike Bar

    • Miles

      Again with the Klondike bars, it’s like Oy Vey, Geshmoigan! Enough with the Klondike bars already! That’s not anti-semetic, that’s hip hop.

  • Pcarr_iii

    I’d ask you to send me one. If not, I’ll just buy it myself. So there.

    • Miles

      You suck. So there.

  • Sean Ireland

    I will never eat a cinnabon again. 

    • Miles

      You’re dedicated. Nay, a hero. Take your heroic talents and use them elsewhere, like not watching Louie on bluray.

  • R Finn

    I would ask with the utmost, sincerest politeness: may I have a copy of Louie: The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray? Whilst waiting for your response, I would scoff at those who felt fellatio fests and other tomfoolery were a requisite to this contest, knowing they only needed to ask.

    • Miles

      Take your deflated, fake ass vocabulary somewhere else, and let the people who matter use interesting words and phrases. For instance, “bluray copy of louie season 2″. It belongs next to Miles.

  • pak4lyf

    I would write “Give Me” in 5 different languages for a blu ray copy of Louie

    Даи мне! (Russian)
    أعطني (Arabic)
    مجھے دے دو (Urdu)
    memberi saya (Malay)
    me dea (Galician)

    • Miles

      Let me write 5 reasons you don’t deserve a blu ray copy of louie.
      1. You’re gay.
      2. You’ve been gay.
      3. You smell gay.
      4. You’ll most likely continue to be gay.
      5. America. Speak american, queer.

  • basherrr

     Let’s just say I’m not afraid of going back to prison.

    • Miles

      Bill Engvall said that you no class having wang. I’m not even a fan, but really? They said be “CREATIVE” not “A DOUCHE.” Difference, and only those who can tell the difference deserve Louie season 2 on bluray.

  • Ro Louiecomp

    I will donate 100 Euros to a charity for balding middle aged men 

    • Miles

      This was… actually a little funny. But on the other hand, you’re most likely European… So, there’s a chance you’re related to Hitler. Too risky. Can’t risk an international incident, no bluray for you. Why don’t you go watch your free healthcare or something.

  • http://twitter.com/BecauseICanan Michael Canan

    I would pirate it to watch it, don’t make me pirate this. It will take up Hard Drive space.

    • Miles

      Please, use your Hard Drive space for important things only. Like… a 2 GB long word document about how little you deserve to win this. Bluray is for those with space on our hard drives.

  • Zuukes

    Id let a homeless man jerk me off with sandpaper while my immediate family watches.

    • Miles

      This space is for funny things not for people to say something crudely sexual. Save your crass sexual thoughts for next time your in church.

  • Justin Pavlicek

    I’d drink an entire vat of Cinnabon’s jizzy hot syrup with my eyes closed.

    • Miles

      Weak Louie reference. I bet you’ve never even had a Cinnabon, you lying bitch. Go be a real man.

  • delightfulcrab

    I’d ride a camel across the Sahara sans clothing to get my grimy little hands on a copy.

    • Miles

      Why are your hands grimy? Because you’re trying to take what’s rightfully mine, and the shame manifested itself as grime. Go lose at something else, crab. Bluray is for the apex predators.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexandria.bell.9 Alexandria Bell

    I would watch the complete second season of Louie.

    • Miles

      What?!?! With season 2 of Louie, you would… WATCH IT?!? That’s absurd! I thought DVD’s were supposed to be bread for my hamster sandwiches! You miss, are a genius. A creative genius! With no bluray.

  • Sammy Jo

    I would tell you that publicly asking somebody to email you might get you more emails from “winners” than you expected…for a copy of Louie. 

    • Miles

      I spaced. This comment sucked. Moving on.

  • Adi

    I could wait about a week and pay $32 and get it from Amazon.

    • Miles

      “What it’s like to be shitty and boring?” wondered God aloud. “I know! I’ll make a douche named Adi! He can tell me once he dies of being shitty and boring!” God continued. Then Adi was doomed to a shitty life of boredom, with no bluray.

  • T-Bone

    I will masturbate to you and there’s nothing you can do about it. 

    • Miles

      Woo Tsizzle, you go on and masturbate! I bet you’ve whacked it enough that your hand produces it’s own lotion.

  • Charlie Craft

    I’d fuck Louis CK

    • Miles

      Hey! Simple sex joke. You must’ve stolen this from under the floorboards at MadTV in it’s last season.

  • Tsizzle

    To the person

    • Miles

      This shit is weak. You must have mean to say “To the person in this contest I respect most, Miles, I hope you win, as you’ve clearly bested everyone to comment.”

  • joeyfresh

    I’ll start giving credit to Louis when I bite his jokes in front of my friends and just admit to them that I’m not that funny.

    • Miles

      A thief? We don’t reward thieves for anything! People like you are the sole purpose that Iraqi babies are filling up a sewer somewhere. You sleep on that while you have no Louie season 2 on bluray.

  • http://twitter.com/hobobob9268 Daniel

    I would pay $39.99 + 8.750 % California sales tax

    • Miles

      Boooooooooooooo. If I wanted to hear you talk about your California money I would stand outside of whatever dispensary you no doubt live under, you lazy Cali stoner. The bud threw off whatever part of your brain allows for clever commenting.

  • King Joshu

    I’d watch it. Twice.

    • Miles

      This comment just sucks. It’s warranted no wit, because it’s that lame. Bluray is not for the lame or the weak of heart.

  • Dmpullen

    i’d post some ridiculous shit on the internet and not follow through at all.

    • Miles

      Ah yes Dmpullen, excellent point, but you overestimated a simple fact. It says “What WOULD you do” not “What DID you do” this is in the Indicative imperfect verb tense, or the Italian “I woulda done this” tense. Go back to trade school you immigrant, and buy no bluray that you can speak of.

  • Comradette

    I would play Superman 64 in it’s entirety. 

    • Miles

      What? is that a video game? You would play a videogame to win free shit? Fuck outta here. And if it isn’t a videogame and you recomment all like “Uh, excuse me but Superman 64 is a director’s cut edition graphic novel adaptation of a wet dream I had” then you’re a nerd. Nerds get no bluray.

  • http://twitter.com/RockabillyJay Jay S.

    I would post lame jokes on my twitter so an ice cream sandwich will fly me to New York,

    • Miles

      Hey! That’s absurd. Just as well, the last thing you need is more ice cream, you middle aged white bitch. Pass on the bluray, it’ll be the only good you do with your life.

  • pragmatist

    I’d pay retail value. Or maybe look for a deal that is slightly less than retail value.

    • Miles

      That was clever. “Hey everybody, I’m an adult! Look at me buy things when I want them! This has been done before, hopefully they don’t notice!” Those were the pragmatists last words before Batman clubbed him to death, for being the largest threat to fun all across the globe. Bluray is for kids, you bitch.

  • http://twitter.com/w00t John Vantine

    I would eat the laptop that I’m typing this on. Michel Lotito has eaten 7 televisions, 2 beds, and an airplane – surely I can eat a laptop.

    • Miles

      I’m afraid I don’t get this one. Don’t eat your laptop, there are places in Africa with no laptops to eat at all. Please, go there, give them your laptop to eat, and then get mauled by a herd of wildebeests, as those who’ve been mauled by a herd of wildebeests can not watch bluray Louie.

  • Christine

    I’ve already done it – I killed Jesus with my sins :( ITS MY FAULT, IM SORRY, ITS ALL MY FAULT

    • Miles

      Hmm, well this one is somewhat original, if nothing else. I would say C for effort, B for your Louie reference, and A for sounding like you were molested by a priest.

  • Clayton23x

    I would comment on this post in hopes of winning a free copy of Season 2 of Louis on Blu Ray.

    • Miles

      “Hey Laughspin readers, what would you do to win Louie Season 2 on bluray?” asked Dylan.
      “I suppose I would do the bare minimum, in hopes of looking clever” replied Clayton.
      Suddenly a vortex of boring opens and swallows Clayton whole, never to be seen again. Certainly to world with no bluray copies of Louie season 2.

  • Jchill101

    I would redo all of season 2 editing myself in every place Louis is in a scene as a drag version of him named, “Louise”. Goatee and all.

    • Miles

      Everytime I watched season 2 of Louie on TV, I thought “Dude, why isn’t Jchill101 doing this shit in drag? He’s like Louie, but better because he’s doing that funny thing Tyler Perry does, where he’s like a boy, but he has tits. I hope Jchill101 gets on this.” Lo and behold, here I am months later, prayers answered. Amen. Oh, wait, no bluray for freaks. Lo siento.

  • Acehole98801

    I would eat a Klondike bar.

    • Miles

      A better question is, what would you do for that klondike bar? You should really figure yourself out, clear your head, and lose this competition to me. Kthxbye, oh and no bluray.

  • http://twitter.com/DudeGurlz Kristen Kail

    I would make an explosive diarrhea dump in a wal-mart bathroom and then jerk off onto the shitty disaster in that poor toilet and then I’d leave it for the next guy to see

    • Miles

      “Dear God!” thought the Laughspin editor Dylan, “this comment section needs more poop! More jizz! Who will help us in this dark hour! WHO?!?!” Then, when all was lost, Kail rode in on his mighty steed and dropped a big bag full of cum and shit! Dylan looked deep into the bag and thought “Wow, I guess this comment section had enough poop and man seed already. Sorry Kail.” And Kail lived his whole life with no Bluray season 2 of Louie.

  • Tony Malfitano

    I would stand on a street corner, waving a peach at everyone that looks at me. After they make eye contact with me, I would yell, “Nice faggy shirt, faggot!” After that, I would pay a prostitute to have rough sex with me, until I beg her to stop ramming her snatch into my dick like a psycho. After the sex with the prostitute, I would ask “Why?” to everything everyone says to me for a full day, or at least until I get arrested.

    • Miles

      You sir are a worthy combatant! Not really. This was just a list of weird sex things and swear words. It almost sounds like fan fiction for a TV show called “Loser; the story of Tony” That’s why you’ve no bluray.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1193328530 Nick Simpson

    I’d leave a comment on a website’s comment section.

    • Miles

      Hey! I can break things down into simple pieces too! You were born, became a fan of Louie, lost this competition to me, lived in mediocrity, and died. The end. No bluray for you.

  • Shane5911

    I would take a bunch of bath salts and eat someones face off for a copy.

    • Miles

      Pop culture alert! We got an SNL writer here, somebody call Lorne Michaels, because this guy reads facebook feeds and twitter posts! Come on man. We’re competing here, not making ourselves look like assholes.

  • http://samuelkillermann.com/ Samuel Killermann

    To secure one of those Blu-Rays, I would do the following, in order, to absolute completion.

    1. Write this comment (pending).

    2. Ride my bike around downtown Austin, TX screaming at the top of my lungs, “GIVE ME LOUIE! I WANT SOME BLU LOUIE! GIVE ME ALL THE LOUIE! I DO IT ALL FOR THE LOUIE!”  on repeat.

    3. Re: #2, I will be wearing nothing but my undies (boxer briefs, I always find a cup of water sloshing around my ass in boxers) and shoes.

    4. I will name my first-born child “Pssnnngllltnnnn” and my second-born “Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” and my third-born “Ladies and Gentleman.”

    5. Re: #1, done.

    • Miles

      You expertly utilized 3 top notch child names, 2 louis references, and 1 joke. I’m not sure of the depth of your basic math skills, but they add up to zero. Why? Because you win ZERO copies of Louie season 2 on bluray.

      • http://samuelkillermann.com/ Samuel Killermann

        Dang.  My math IS way off.  I was hoping for at least two or three times as many as zero copies of Louie.

  • Jwoodwar

    I’d hit my kid just for him!

    • Miles

      This comment reminds me of you. Short, weird, and unlikeable. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandonstrohl Brandon Q. Strohl

    I would not 

    • Miles

      Dude. As long as we’re both being honest, may I just say that you never win these contests because you are a loser, and losers use money. Maybe if you racked your brain hard enough you would find the most conclusive solution; to throw yourself into the bear pit at the zoo. No bluray for quitters, Brandon.

  • Ryanlabee

    I would suck the Blistery cock of a black homeless man who just killed a baby and I’d make my elderly racist aunt watch…that’s the worst thing I’ve ever said.

    • Miles

      That’s the worst thing you’ve ever said? No sir, the worst thing you ever said was “I deserve Louie season 2 on bluray.” This could’ve been the worst thing you ever said if you added “then the black guy and I become friends”

  • Josh

    I’d mow my lawn, but not if there were gay guys having sex on it, because then they might ask me to join in and I’d feel all awkward, seeing as how it’s my lawn and everything, so I’d have to join in, even though I’m not gay or anything. So, I’d mow my lawn, I guess.

    • Miles

      Josh, please take all your funny comedy hoo-has, put them on your lawn, and mow over them. And while your at it, check your mail, and discover that you did not win Louie season 2 on bluray. Gays having sex on your lawn? come now. Everyone knows gays burn in the sunlight.

  • DragunR2

    I would make you watch as I shove all your mothers into a volcano for a Louie Blu-Ray. Or, if you hate your mother, lock you in a cage with her.

    • Miles

      Why don’t you go back to being a bad operator for a phone sex hotline for people who have a fetish specific to matricide.

  • Bennettm4

     i would use a Louie quote on an internet webpage to get a handout

    • Miles

      I kinda liked yours, but we’re competing. While you’re on the Internet you ought to google “ways to win Louie season 2 on bluray” and confirm that being as boring as a librarian is not, in fact, one of the ways to win.

  • Travis

    I would probably eat a bag of dicks, or steal a little boys ice cream and run off in a helicopter for a copy.

    • Miles

      If you’re only gonna suck a bag of dicks that just means we’re gonna have 20 people who all sucked dicks and are really disappointed they won nothing. Moving on, no bluray.

  • http://ChadRiden.com/ Chad Riden

    I’d make everybody actually suck those bags of dicks they keep saying they would suck and video tape it for teh internerts.

    • Miles

      That sounds like everybody else’s lame dick suck idea but you added a pinch of “rape” and a hint of “lame.” No bluray for you

      • Chad

        (fart sound effect)

  • tweetingdouche

    id suck a bag of dicks to own it. 

    • Miles

      I already read it. You ought not write these comments whilst you are sucking a bag of dicks. It would help to be more clever.

  • Anthony Taylor

    I would berate my Mother and eat a sandwich.

    • Miles

      How would that make her feel? Surely it would make her say “I wish my son could have had an active brain, now we won’t have Louis season 2 on bluray”

  • Ca69fmoreno

    I will suck a bag of dicks for a BlueRay copy of Louie.

    • Miles

      you and everybody else would suck a bag of dicks. At least say kid dicks for God’s sake, use some creativity

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