Michael Ian Black joins the fight against those against Miracle Whip (Video)

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I’m starting to think that maybe Miracle Whip has a larger marketing budget than Geico. Seriously, how do these companies turn a profit, with the money they spend on the incessant television, radio, print and Web ads? The Geico ads, at least, are somewhat entertaining (and based on a few friends who use their insurance, it seems like a decent company). But ever since Miracle Whip launched their campaign, wherein they desperately attempt to equate spreading some white shit on your already-unhealthy sandwich to some sort of brave personal statement about one’s independence from the norm (read: mayonnaise, and maybe Communism?), I’ve grown to sort of dislike the concept of their product– or at least the advertising execs behind the spots.

In their latest round of advertising, Miracle Whip has employed the likes of Wynonna Judd and more importantly to our interests Jeffrey Tambor and Michael Ian Black. This time, they’ve made up the idea that Miracle Whip is a hated thing and that you should keep an open mind mouth and just accept it. Of course, no one outside of psych wards really “hates” Miracle Whip, but just go with it, ok? People hate it! And, now it’s time for us to stop fake-hating it! And Michael Ian Black is here to tell us why. And if there’s one person who could win back my non-opinion on Miracle Whip, it’s MIB, whom I respect dearly for consistently snagging spokesman work.

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